Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It Is Now 1:50 AM

I am so sorry that I haven't been able to blog lately! I have been super SUPER busy with college and homework and exams and what not. In fact when I started writing the first sentence of this post last night I had yet to complete my take home exam for my Shakespeare class but instead I was procrastinating and writing on here.

Hope everyone has had a great week so far and I wish everyone a Happy Thursday! I just woke up about an hour ago considering I fell asleep around 6pm today. My sleeping schedule is hellaciously messed up but for some reason I was really feeling it yesterday morning when I didn't go to bed until 3:30 because I had stuff to get done and then I had to wake up at 6:00.

I turned in my exam yesterday morning and we went over the answers in class. I got two wrong that I know of which is disappointing because it was a take home exam and there really is no excuse for getting something wrong on a take home exam other than the fact that you had no idea what the question was trying to imply. We started watching the rest of the Henry IV movie and I was happy to see that Michelle Dockery was in it playing Lady Percy. Jeremy Irons is a great actor as well but every time I see him in something I always think "Scar."

By the way I call Henry IV just that; Henry IV as in the medical thing you get in your arm. It is not Henry the 4th. A few other people before class were laughing at how I called it Henry IV and then we discussed how the entire play revolves around King Henry who is in the hospital with an IV in his arm and how hotheaded Hotspur is a new resident at said hospital and is his doctor. The sequal: Henry V; where he gets a vascular disease/visionary problems. And if anyone out there has never read Henry IV and actually uses any of this in a paper I would strongly urge you to reconsider. This probably has to be my favorite group of people I have ever had for a class. Most of us get along but we are all so very different.

In music class today we had to sing our solo song in front of everyone. I had no idea about the singing infront of everyone part until I got to class. Maybe not knowing ahead of time is a good thing because everyone said I did really good. 0_0 Apparently my posture is INCORRECT though (according to everyone) so I'll have to work on that before Monday when we are graded on this. Personally I didn't see anything wrong with my posture because I have doubts that I looked like Quasimodo when I was up there, but then again I can't see myself so I shall just have to listen to these lovelies. My teacher said that I improved a lot since last time so I'll just have to keep working on it over the weekend to see what improvements I can make.

After class I had to go to a musical recital concert where the students performed a lot of solo pieces from the piano/guitar/violin, etc and also sang. I showed up about 5 minutes late because I was talking to my theatre teacher so I did not receive a program which I needed to staple to my 25 point paper I have to turn in by Wednesday. One of the girls performing a poor piano piece onstage thought it would be wise to leave her program on the table behind me. I was a thief and stole it. I would like to think it was for a good reason considering going to these concerts is worth about 50% of our grade and the crazy music teacher won't accept any papers without a program. I feel bad for stealing something like that but I am just going to assume that because this girl was in the recital the teacher knows she was there and she can get another program if need be.

The concert itself was interesting and I do give everyone credit for going up there and doing their absolute best. Three people from my music class got to perform along with one of my friends from a previous theatre show and they all did amazing and I am proud of all of them. Now there is this one girl who goes to my college who everyone thinks is the greatest performer in the world. I got to meet her today and I would just like to point out that being a diva does not equal talent. I saw her before the performance and being a nice person I told her to break a leg. She says to me; "I don't need luck from someone I don't even know." Well then...

I really expected her to be great but my expectations fell flat. If anything she was mediocre yet everyone seemed to love her. I don't get it, I really don't. I'm not sure if it was the song choice or what but I did not see her greatness. In my opinion the girl who sang before he deserved a freaking standing ovation. She was very kind to her audience members and she even sang in a foreign language (which can be difficult for a lot of people) and her voice was beautiful. The only way I can describe her voice is that it sounded kind of like Brandi Burkhardt's only I thought she sounded a bit better.

Brandi Burkhardt- Lucie- A Tale of Two Cities musical which I will review pretty soon despite the fact that it's 2 or so years old.

I didn't have time to eat lunch today considering I had to go from the concert directly to my theatre class where everyone continued filming today. I got to dress up in my fancy schmancy costume which I got out of my own closet and I was even filmed today on campus. We had a crowd surrounding us and that was really REALLY cool and made it even more worthwhile. A lot of people came up to me and said that I did great and I just want to give another shout out to everyone who was watching us film and say thank you so very very much!!! Another thing that I got to do today which was neat was be a 3rd eye when it came to filming along with holding the camera a few times. Basically my classes today were just fun and I learned a lot.

As soon as we got done filming I went to a tiny little gas station and picked up a Diet Stewart's orange soda which is the best thing in the world. I ate dinner at around 5 and then went to straight to sleep right after that. Now I am typing this up and watching reruns of Friends. Hopefully I'll be able to fall back asleep sometime soon but if I can't I think that I'll survive.

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