Friday, October 24, 2008

Stupid Solicitors!

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knew I shouldn't have picked up my house phone. Everyone who is important shows up on my called ID so if the phone rings, there's a very high chance it's either some telemarketer or some long lost family member asking for money(more than likely number one,lol)
So for some odd reason, I picked it up today... thought they would tell me I won a million dollars or something like that lol. But here's how the conversation goes...
Me: "Hello"
Spanish Telemarketer (ST): "Hi, I am calling from blahblah company and I would like to do a survey" (in Spanish)
Me: "Sorry, I'm not interested, and what the heck are you saying!"
ST: "Oh, you speak no Spanish? Do you have adults in the house? Is your mommy or daddy home?" (Broken English)
Me: "No, you can talk to me."
ST: "I'm sorry, we really need to talk to an older person who's 18 and over. Maybe we'll call again ok little girl?"
So, I got insulted and insisted that he was a moron and that I can obviously speak nothing Spanish but then I got suckered into doing the survey which they promised would take 5 minutes which turned out to be atleast 40 or 45 min long. That was a waste of 45 minutes of my life that I will never get back! Stupid solicitors!

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

"All that Jazz"

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Hi again!
So my choir class has been watching the movie Chicago for the past 3 days now and we just finished it today. The movie was pretty great though not the best musical movie I ever saw. I just got kind of annoyed with the lead character (Roxie Hart portrayed by Renee Zellweger). Apparently Roxie is a starstruck idiot who's main goal in life is to be on stage yet she can't act and people thought she was fabulous. No. Just no. Her husband wasn't much better or as I like to call him "Mr. Cellophane" (lol) his song lasted 8 minutes I kid you not, I timed it! It is so long! Really the moral to the movie was that you can get away with murder and become famous (post awkward looking face here).

Ok that moral isn't totally true, the movie is basically about media sensationalized criminal trials and how the public can't get enough of them and how the two main characters (Zellweger's Hart, and Valma Kelly portrayed by Catherine Zeta Jones) will do whatever it takes to get their 15 minutes of fame. 

 But really the people who died in this movie, "they had it coming."

Harry Potter vs. Twilight

I just want to get something off my mind right now. Seriously I have no idea why people are comparing these two books. They have completely different characters and completely different storylines from what I hear. I havent read Twilight but alls I can say is that all of you fans who are like BLAH BLAH BLAH EDWARD IS SO HOT I LOVE HIM U MUST READ THESE BOOKS! Firstly I do not understand how you can find a non- living character hot, possibly the actor whos going to play him in the movie but not exactly the character for he is FICTIONAL! I mean liking people who are real is sooooo last year! If I have to hear one more person say that to me about Edward I think my head is going to explode! They are two different books why cant people except that why is it always competiton? So many people in my school are reading Twilight right now and I still havent read it yet, but then next time I go to Walmart or something I think I'll buy it just to see what all the excitement and fangirling is about. 

In other fascinating news I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I read it when I first got it and finished it in 15 hours. So all those who knew I was reading it and I told you I wasnt going to be online until I finished it and that I wouldnt be reading your comments because you might spoil me so if you sent me spoiler stuff bwhahaha! 

As for the Half Blood Prince movie coming out, I cant believe they pushed the date back! I have seen all of the movies how dare they push the date back! That decision is just stupid in my opinion! There are probably like a billion people who feel the same way but still its not coming out till next year on July 17th! Whoever came up with that idea is on crack! 
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sorry :-(

So Im writing to say sorry to all the people keeping up with this blog (which is no one at the moment that I know of) for not writing lately.
First and foremost the reason why I havent wrote is becuz I threw my back out last Tuesday. I was getting ready for school and then I suddenly couldnt move so I called my mom whos like OKAY WE'LL GET U TO A DOCTOR! So my grandma drove over and took me to the hospital (driving like a maniac!) where I met my mom and dad. After I signed in to the ER 2 people asked me questions and took my temp and blah blah blah. They werent the funnest people ever. For example:
One a scale of 1 to 10 whats the pain
Me- 15
Her- The scale doesnt go up that high or is on the list. Please pick a different number
(rolling eyes)
Well then lets tell that to my back shall we? So after all of us were stuck in the waiting room for an hour and 45 minutes without anyone checking on me or anything my dad was super mad and he called the urgent care center where nobody was so me,my mom and dad drove there.
Im at the urgent care center and they checked for kidney infections and Xrays, come to find out I just pulled a huge muscle in my back and they gave me tylenol with kodene for the pain and let me tell you that stuff makes me very sleepy. So I basically slept until Friday when I went back to school and was invisable again.*

Changing subjects:
In choir class Friday (Halloween) we watched The Nightmare before Christmas. Let me tell you if you want to watch a disturbing movie watch that. The main character is the fruitiest bipolar person ever invented!

Lastly if Im not on for a while its because my AOL isnt working....again. But thanks for reading!

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