Friday, October 24, 2008

Stupid Solicitors!

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knew I shouldn't have picked up my house phone. Everyone who is important shows up on my called ID so if the phone rings, there's a very high chance it's either some telemarketer or some long lost family member asking for money(more than likely number one,lol)
So for some odd reason, I picked it up today... thought they would tell me I won a million dollars or something like that lol. But here's how the conversation goes...
Me: "Hello"
Spanish Telemarketer (ST): "Hi, I am calling from blahblah company and I would like to do a survey" (in Spanish)
Me: "Sorry, I'm not interested, and what the heck are you saying!"
ST: "Oh, you speak no Spanish? Do you have adults in the house? Is your mommy or daddy home?" (Broken English)
Me: "No, you can talk to me."
ST: "I'm sorry, we really need to talk to an older person who's 18 and over. Maybe we'll call again ok little girl?"
So, I got insulted and insisted that he was a moron and that I can obviously speak nothing Spanish but then I got suckered into doing the survey which they promised would take 5 minutes which turned out to be atleast 40 or 45 min long. That was a waste of 45 minutes of my life that I will never get back! Stupid solicitors!

ururu stupid people

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