Monday, November 17, 2008


So I have exams this week, wish me luck. I'll need it especially when it comes to politics.
Speaking of which I have a great question to go along with it: Why did my teacher think it a WISE idea to have his 3 favorite students use notes on their exams and have the rest of the 20 or something kids in the class freaking out about mesmorizing and what not (like me!) I seriously was mad about this. The conversation went:
Teacher: YOU,you,and YOU will be allowed to use notes on your exam.
Me: What about the other kids?
Me: Well I dont think thats very fair having 3 students allowed to use notes while the rest of us cant.
Teacher: (gives me another evil look and then starts talking to one of his 3 favorite students about track or something.)
Yeah that irriateted me! How is using notes going to help you on exams in college? That's right it's not unless you are allowed to use them, which in this case using notes is obviously on his "favorite student" scale. 

I can't wait until I am out of his class. I hope I pass too or else I'll be irritated with myself  just because I barely passed the case brief exam. In my school if you have more than 7 absenses it counts against you if you don't get a C+ or higher on the exam you automatically fail that class. Stupid rules! I can pretty much pass every class I have except choir without even showing up.

But other than politics I know that I shall  do alright. I already got an A on one of my exams so its all good! 

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