Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Disappearance and Neighbors

I apologize for my lack of blog posts on here lately. For some reason I have been distracted with writing a story so much that I tended to forget to blog on here but just know that I am thinking of what few readers I have and wish very good things to come your way! I think the problem that I am having when it comes to me finishing or even starting a story is the fact that I want to add so many characters and add so many different things and write so many different words that it can be hard to gather all of my ideas together and have them come out in a not so terrible way. The last thing I would ever want to write is a fanfiction based on some vampire novel. I am hoping that the thesaurus I ordered will be arriving very soon as well. I'm hoping it will give me more ideas for word usage.

In other non-related news about my life, I may have to strangle my neighbors. Again.
Now my neighbors own a red car. I've seen them driving their stupid red car. Imagine my shock when said red car is parked directly in front of my driveway this afternoon which they know clearly does not belong there.
So I go over to their house, knock on the door, then ask them to move their stupid red car. The guy I spoke to thought it would be a barrel of giggles if they played stupid with me.
"What car?" the guy asked
"The red one that is parked in front of my driveway at this very moment."
"Not our car."
"You do realize that my driveway is not a parking garage and you could get into serious legal trouble if the car remains where it is at."
"IT IS NOT OUR CAR! Parlez Vous no Anglais."
I was completely dumbfounded at this point. For this guy was certainly NOT French. The French would frown upon my neighbors mere existence!
So being the nice person that I am I responded as such;
"Oh alright. I'm calling a tow truck."
So I look out my window three minutes later and the car seemed to have vanished into thin air! Or someone came and moved it. Hmm I wonder who that could have been? There are only three suspects;
1. The little girl wearing a ballerina tutu standing outside the daycare
2. The guy mowing the football field
3. The neighbors who own a red car and were aware of the tow truck troubles I had intended for them.
Let's now narrow this down as to who the red car could possibly belong to!
1. The little girl is barely old enough to buy a gumball let alone reach a steering wheel. She's out.
2. The guy mowing the football field had only one goal in mind, to finish mowing the football field.
3. Gee golly! There's a large possibility that my French speaking neighbors that own a red car may have something to do with the car's removal from my property!

I firmly believe that it would benefit everyone if these people packed up their stupid red car and drove away forever!

The neighbors who live behind my house aren't much better but atleast they are tolerable because they don't blast their Puff Daddy music from 9 at night until 5 in the morning. I had to go outside today to get my dog in the house because it was almost pushing 100 today and the creepy neighbor who lives behind me is leaning on the fence watching me. Being a bit uncomfortable I asked if he needed something. He then starts laughing and says
"You're dog is going to have my dogs babies because she ate a cherry from my tree!"
AHHH. I don't even want to comprehend that sentence. But as for getting my dog pregnant there is a big problem there sunny!
1. My dog has been spayed because Bob Barker told me it was the right thing to do in my childhood.
2. There is a fence separating the two dogs so they will never have to interact with one another in such a disturbing way! And when I say there is a fence between them, I don't mean that as a metaphor, there really is a fence separating out yards.

I then took my dog inside and closed my curtains because I was very disturbed by this psycho. Why do my neighbors all have to act like hooligans?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Reading and Writing


There is nothing that irritates me more than when people say "Reading is stupid and I don't need it!" I may be showing my true colors here but I cannot fathom how someone can say "reading is lame." You need to be able to read to get through life! You want to know what is even more lame than reading? Living like a hobo!

Seriously this morning while I was watering the flowers outside I couldn't help but overhear the two teenage boys who call themselves neighbors screaming drunkenly how reading is lame and how after high school they  won't be needin' to read no mo'!

Are you freaking kidding me? You need to be able to read street signs if you are driving somewhere. You need to be able to read a menu if you go out to a restaurant. You need to be able to read "beach closed" signs so you don't jump into shark infested waters!

This is incredibly sad based on the fact that there are probably thousands of people out there like my neighbors who think reading is a waste of time. This means that there will be a huge number of uneducated kids turning into adults very soon. Scary thought.

It is true that some books you are not going to like. I'm not a huge fan of John Steinbeck's work. However that does not mean that I don't appreciate his talent for writing or respect the hard work and dedication that went into each of his novels. But just because you dislike one book that does not mean reading is useless or lame, it just means you haven't found a book you like yet. And if you are unable to find one book that you like then you are not looking hard enough or are just a hopeless case who's goal in life is to say YOLO as much as humanly possible.

Granted, there are some books which will not benefit your reading skills, such as Fifty Shades of Grey. However if that is the one book you choose to love with every inch of your mighty heart then good for you. As long as you don't make a shrine dedicated to Christian Grey or start telling people that he is your lover boy because that is where you will run into problems down the line.

 In conclusion, reading is not lame and it is stupid for people to say that it is and look down on others who enjoy reading. Just because you dislike something that does not make it lame or a waste of time. If you are a person out there who thinks reading is lame my advice to you is to quit choosing to be stupid and read a book!


One thing that I have found out in these last couple of weeks is that some authors don't really write their own work yet take credit for other peoples words and become famous for doing so. That is horrible and I have absolutely no respect for people who do this and will choose to never read any of "their" writing as long as I live. One author in particular that I would like to point out is  James Patterson. Now I knew there was no possible way this guy wrote all of his novels. He comes out with one practically once every two week!
In my opinion to be an author you have to write your own books, not simply write an outline and then "embellish" the work of another author. No. That is cheating and I am appalled by such things!

The only time that this is acceptable is if an author dies halfway through writing his or her novel or dies before his or her series can be completed. That is the only exception, nothing else.

However to all of the ghostwriter's out there I give you major credit and a big high five. You deserve more praise than you get. I actually read a lot of Nancy Drew in middle school and in 6th grade I learned that all of the novels were ghost written. But the thing is you can tell the novels were all written by a different person (NOT Carolyn Keene, she doesn't exist!) but that didn't make them any less fun to read. Ghostwriters need to make a living too and what I liked about Nancy Drew is that nobody tried to hide the fact that Carolyn Keene was just a pseudonym.

Theatrical Problems

I am finished with ridiculous people. Someone on Facebook (one of my friends) sent an invitation out to everyone to go see his show in a somewhat close area to where I live in Michigan and excluded me from the invite and I had to find out about it on some other person page.  Now if you don't want me to come to your bloody theatre show then that is fine with me. What is NOT fine with me is the fact that you clearly invited everyone else and when I asked why I wasn't included you said that you "forgot" about me because you haven't seen me in a show lately so you thought I was done with theatre. No. You are a liar and a jerk and I spit upon your lying existence. Exactly what did he hope to accomplish by not inviting me? Did he think I would jump on stage and take over his part? This isn't Sweeney Todd and he has not given me any reason to dislike him until today. I now feel every desire to go to this ravishing production just to see the look on his face when he sees me in the audience with a golden ticket in my hand no thanks to him and his little invite party.

Then Diva Dave decided to make a Facebook page and state who all of the actors at the college were, as you can guess I wasn't included in that well thought out list. I questioned him about this in a message and he literally stated that "Well because you've never auditioned for my shows I don't know if you can act or not." For real. I have taken two acting classes with you and have been in a stage production with you Diva Dave, I am not understanding this reasoning at all! This is the type of person who I like to call a bigot. Just because I have yet to audition for one of your shows that does not make me any less of an actor than you. The director of college and man who teaches a ton of theatre classes says that "In the theatre you are a family" and that seems to not be the case right now just because I have not been on stage since 2011. 2012 if being an understudy counts.

Another theatre problem that has recently came up; the director from one of the high school theatres I auditioned for way back in 2007 called me up today and asked if I was available to help build a set. Now I would have jumped at that opportunity and helped this lady out if not for the fact that she gave me 2nd understudy in the production I auditioned for in 2007 where I never had to show up to any of the rehearsals. I also would have helped if not for the fact that I have not heard from her or the other 45 people in the cast/crew in years and if she would have called me by my proper name, which is not Jennifer. She literally told me that she just happened to be looking about her office and found some old resumes and thought she would "give us a jingle" so we could help her design a set. Umm no. That is called using people and I do not enjoy being used. Not to mention that this was unprofessional and a bit rude ain't nobody got time for unprofessionalism and rudeness!

In other non-related theatrical news I watched this video today and recommend everyone else do the same. Ellen Degeneres is awesome. EQUALITY!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Times!

The last few posts on my blog have not been very happy so I thought that today definitely calls for a feel good happy blog! Today is my last day in my film class which I am truly excited about. I'm going to miss the class but not so much all of the homework in it. Today we have a final exam where we have to watch the beginning of Full Metal Jacket and being the ever so good student that I am I rented the DVD to watch the film. However the DVD stopped half way through the hair cutting scene and would not fast forward so I had to find the movie somewhere on the internet to watch it. Overall I am really surprised by half of the stuff that came out of the Sergeant's mouth, half of the stuff he said would probably be protested about today! Not a movie I would see on my own accord but it was alright. I just don't have the stomach for war movies.

In other good news I have discovered one of the best drinks in the world. It is called Sparkling Ice and it tastes really really good! My grandma gave one to me on the 4th of July and I have been hooked on them ever since! I wasn't a huge fan of the Black Raspberry but I have tried the orange mango (my favorite), coconut pineapple, kiwi strawberry, and pink grapefruit and I really like all of them. I was actually kind of afraid to share this on here because these are actually pretty hard to find, but I felt that anyone who reads this blog is cool enough to know about these. =P

Another neat thing that I have just learned how to do is MLA format. The essay I had to write for my class had to be in MLA format and for some reason I never really got the gist of what it was and always ended up doing my paper my way because nobody ever taught me how to properly format in MLA style and the internet truly does not help when you wish to properly format your papers. I passed two English classes without formating in MLA, please do not ask me how.  My teacher is so awesome and finally after 2 3/4 years of community college I know how to format MLA! BWAHAHAHAHA.It may not seem like much but I feel like I just conquered the world. However if I find out that I did the format wrong in any way, shape, or form I am going to scream and pretend that MLA format is just a myth like the Fountain of Youth or The Holy Grail.

In other happy news I just bought Sirenia's new cd, Perils of The Deep Blue. I have been a Sirenia fan ever since I saw the music video for The Path to Decay. I would not say that this cd is their best but it is quite good compared to The Enigma of Life which I felt was good but didn't live up to The 13th Floor. I've also heard some of their past music and I can honestly say that I like each singer exactly the same. As for my favorite song on the album? I'm not really sure yet considering I got the cd yesterday I'll have to give it a few more listens before I decide what my favorite or favorites are. I'm really liking "The Funeral March" right now though.

Plus look at the album's artwork! Isn't it incredible?

As for other happy things that have been going on in my life, I decided that once my class ends I will be reading the script for my college's fall play and practicing it until I can no longer breath. I was going to audition for the a musical near where I live, Sondheim's Into The Woods but sadly my school schedule did not allow me to audition for that. But I will try my hardest to get into this fall play when it rolls around!

Hope everyone has a great and happy day today!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Incase you were unaware I really really despise my dads girlfriend. A lot. And he's not much better.

Today I went to hang out with my dad and we had plans to go out to lunch. Well I was unaware that when he picked me up he would be bringing his stupid girlfriend and his even stupider daughter. I was outside talking to one of my friends who I haven't seen in a long time who just so happened to be walking past my house when my dad pulls up in his car with his lame girlfriend. The girlfriend gets out of the car and says that we need to get going right now and starts yelling at me and exclaims that "your mother would be so mad at you for having people over without her permission!" which is the biggest lie I have ever heard. My mom WANTS me to have people over a lot more than I do, which is pretty much never and I told her this. Then she tells my friend that she needs to leave right now. Lady this isn't your house and you have absolutely no right treating people like that. So my friend is looking at me like "Who the hell is this lady?" then says bye and walks down the street again. Thank God she's on my Facebook and she understood when I messaged her later about how my dads girlfriend is a crazy loser, which is honestly not something I tell a lot of people but in this case it had to be said. 

So after she leaves I get in the car and lo and behold, the girlfriends daughter is sitting in the back seat laughing her ass off. I was getting pretty mad at that point and this is how the conversation went;
Me: I really don't understand why you're laughing.
Stupid Daughter: I have every right to laugh. You did a bad thing and my mom caught you! HAHAHAHAHA
Okay, what the frick? When I think "someone caught someone else doing bad things" I think someone walked in on another person having sex or there was a police man in the bank that you were trying to rob, not this!
Me: Yeah I didn't do anything and I think it's pretty bullshit that your mom yelled at me for speaking to one of my friends that I haven't seen in a long time who just so happened to be walking by my house. 
Dads Girlfriend: This conversation is OVER.
Me: No, this conversation is just beginning. You have absolutely NO RIGHT TO-
My Dad: *Margery said the conversation is OVER so let's all get along and enjoy the rest of our day.
Then *Margery turned around and gave me a bitch look that just said "I'm running the show" which is wrong on so many levels.

Let me tell you I was so close to jumping out of the car, running back inside my house, and locking the door. I did not need to deal with this. But no, I decided to be stupid and put up with these idiots for another few hours.

As soon as we left my house, stupid daughter, we'll call her *Darla, starts laughing at her cell phone. She has done this before and it's kind of a running inside joke with me and my other friend who met this girl. Darla then wishes to share her text messages aloud and then take and send new pictures of herself to her mother who is sitting in the front seat. By the end of the day I was so close to throwing her cell phone out the window. This is how all of her text messages went;
Billy Bob Bo Bill Billy (her boyfriend) says I'm his little angel!
5 minutes later; Billy Bob Bo Bill Billy says I'm really funny! (Billy Bob is a person on the incredibly wacky side of life because not once have you ever been funny.)
3 minutes later; Billy Bob Bo Bill Billy sent me this funny pic of us! LOOK AT IT!
1 minute after that;Aren't Billy Bob Bo Bill Billy and me the cutest couple? We look so cute in this pic!
Me: No.
Margery* (getting really mad): They are a wonderful couple! You are just jealous that MY DAUGHTER has a boyfriend and that YOU DON'T.
Lady you are 50 something years old and not even related to me, why should my lack of love life concern you? I think this all stems from her always being insanely jealous of my mom and now because her daughter has something that I don't, she is just trying to rub it in my face. What a kind thing to do!

We then had to stop at Meijer's because Margery needed something. I was going to go look at the books and ditch everyone but noooo. According to my dad 22 year olds can get kidnapped in crowded areas like Meijer and we all need to do things TOGETHER. Eff this.I was going to call a cab and have it take me anywhere but there but my cell phone battery died. Perfect timing. >_<

So we are looking around at things TOGETHER and some really nice lady from my dad's work also happens to be in the store and stops over to say hi to us. She asks me specifically how many more classes I have to take before graduating, and my dad, being ever so polite, tells her really loudly: "Hopefully soon! She's been in college for five years now! HAHAHAHA!" Which is a lie. Two and 3/4  years thank you very much! I hate it when he does this stuff, don't embarrass me like that. I corrected him and told the nice lady that I have to take one more class before I graduate and she said that she was very proud of me.

But God forbid if the conversation focuses on any of my accomplishments or makes me look good! Darla just had to interrupt by telling the nice lady this!

Darla- Hahaha I'm moving out! I'm gonna paint the house yellow and the walls green! 
Why does she care? And that is the worst color combination that I have ever heard of! Plus I doubt you will be the one painting, you'll probably have your stupid boyfriend from WHITBY BAY TEXAS paint because you are completely worthless! 
Margery- When will you be moving out of YOUR house? If I was your mom I would have locked you out by now! HAHAHAHA.
It is none of your business as to when I move out but let me just say that when I do I'll make sure I have enough to get by so I never have to see you or your stupid daughter ever again. And thank God you aren't my mom. I would rather have a polar bear attack my face then be forced to ever call you mother. 

So we leave Meijer's and do a few other things and my dad is about to take me home when Darla asks him if we are going to stop for lunch. The response?
"Well Margery's blood sugars are high so we're not doing lunch today, plus nobody is hungry."

That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Margery should do some insulin if her sugars are so messed up. But no, she'd rather "let them ride" and make everyone around her miserable. Stupid lady. Let's see I haven't eaten anything since 9 this morning, it is going on 3:00. Yeah, I'm pretty hungry and I need to eat something or my blood sugars will crash, which is exactly what they did when they dropped me back off at my house. I told them this and they could have cared less. I could have tolerated these idiots for another 30 minutes or so, but no. They don't care about my blood sugars as long as I am out of their faces.

At the moment I am refusing to speak to my father. If he wants to hang out with his horrible girlfriend and his even worse daughter while drinking then he is more than welcome to do so, just not while seeing or talking to me. 

*Margery, Darla, and Billy Bob Bo Bill Billy are not the actual names of these cretins.