Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Theatrical Problems

I am finished with ridiculous people. Someone on Facebook (one of my friends) sent an invitation out to everyone to go see his show in a somewhat close area to where I live in Michigan and excluded me from the invite and I had to find out about it on some other person page.  Now if you don't want me to come to your bloody theatre show then that is fine with me. What is NOT fine with me is the fact that you clearly invited everyone else and when I asked why I wasn't included you said that you "forgot" about me because you haven't seen me in a show lately so you thought I was done with theatre. No. You are a liar and a jerk and I spit upon your lying existence. Exactly what did he hope to accomplish by not inviting me? Did he think I would jump on stage and take over his part? This isn't Sweeney Todd and he has not given me any reason to dislike him until today. I now feel every desire to go to this ravishing production just to see the look on his face when he sees me in the audience with a golden ticket in my hand no thanks to him and his little invite party.

Then Diva Dave decided to make a Facebook page and state who all of the actors at the college were, as you can guess I wasn't included in that well thought out list. I questioned him about this in a message and he literally stated that "Well because you've never auditioned for my shows I don't know if you can act or not." For real. I have taken two acting classes with you and have been in a stage production with you Diva Dave, I am not understanding this reasoning at all! This is the type of person who I like to call a bigot. Just because I have yet to audition for one of your shows that does not make me any less of an actor than you. The director of college and man who teaches a ton of theatre classes says that "In the theatre you are a family" and that seems to not be the case right now just because I have not been on stage since 2011. 2012 if being an understudy counts.

Another theatre problem that has recently came up; the director from one of the high school theatres I auditioned for way back in 2007 called me up today and asked if I was available to help build a set. Now I would have jumped at that opportunity and helped this lady out if not for the fact that she gave me 2nd understudy in the production I auditioned for in 2007 where I never had to show up to any of the rehearsals. I also would have helped if not for the fact that I have not heard from her or the other 45 people in the cast/crew in years and if she would have called me by my proper name, which is not Jennifer. She literally told me that she just happened to be looking about her office and found some old resumes and thought she would "give us a jingle" so we could help her design a set. Umm no. That is called using people and I do not enjoy being used. Not to mention that this was unprofessional and a bit rude ain't nobody got time for unprofessionalism and rudeness!

In other non-related theatrical news I watched this video today and recommend everyone else do the same. Ellen Degeneres is awesome. EQUALITY!!!

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