Monday, August 18, 2014

The Ice Bucket Challenge!

Yes, this "challenge" is for a good cause. No, that does not mean you have to participate in it or donate any of your hard earned cash just because someone challenged you to dump some freaking ice on your head. Why? Because I said so, that's why.  But really, most of the people who have already participated in this challenge never even had a damn clue what the challenge was for to begin with! That irritates me so much.  FYI for all you people out there who are still unaware of this thing, dumping buckets of ice on your head is somehow related to curing Lou Gehrig's disease. Because that makes sense. Oh and sadly there is still no cure for Lou Gehrig's disease and if anyone tells you otherwise or says that this is what the challenge is for, to "raise money to cure ALS" please kick them in the face. Hard. It is a good thing that people want to raise awareness for this and I give people props for actually donating money to the cause because they want to, but there are other ways to let people know about Lou Gehrig's disease, ways in which nobody needs to have ice poured on their head. 

 To those who have no idea what I'm talking about, the rules of this challenge are below:
You take a video of yourself dumping a bucket of ice water on your head, post it to FacebookInstagram, Tumblr, or Twitter and then challenge your friends to do the same within 24 hours or donate $100 to an ALS charity of your choice. 

How in the world is this raising awareness for ALS? Again I'll give people credit for doing this considering the charity probably was in need of money for research and what not (most charities usually are) and it has raised $15.6 million since July, but I'm just not following how ice+head= Lou Gehrig's disease awareness.  Nor do some of these participants even care about the awareness part, they only want to be seen as charitable and a good person because they dumped some ice water on their head. Ask one, JUST ONE, of these people what Lou Gehrig's disease is and have them try to explain the symptoms to you without getting on their phone and going to the ALS website. It should make for an interesting conversation. 

I can actually see this becoming another sad trend for social networking and real life. People are going to start using this challenge so they can have a "beneficially good and charitable" reason to force their softball coach into pouring ice on their head. Back in my days of softball (in 1999) us kids used to pour buckets of water on the coaches head because we were freaking awesome, not because of some stupid challenge our Facebook friend from Oregon forced us to partake in.  Like I said when the cold water challenge was a big thing (which this basically is with a different name); You should donate to a charity because you want to donate to a charity, not because your stupid friend tagged you in a stupid post on a stupid social networking site for stupids.  Being nominated through social media to donate money to some charity is absurd. 

Only donate to a charity if you believe in said charity. If you believe in the ALS charity and want to help them out then do so because you WANT to, not because of the stupid social networking stuff.

 Oh and it's still summer and in Michigan it continues to be warm and muggy. Not much of a challenge to dump some ice water on your head in crazy heat conditions if you ask me. =/

I actually read this article today (after being challenged, and then telling the person who challenged me where they could put their ice) and I enjoyed it very much. The writer makes a lot of good points and I strongly encourage you to read this. I especially enjoyed the last three paragraphs.
This one was a pretty good read as well;
^California is going through a drought right now and Californians are still participating in this challenge. If you live in California let's NOT be doing this!

To end this little post, I shall leave you with this awesome video of Charlie Sheen doing this crazy challenge in a stylin' way.

Edit: Someone just messaged me saying that this challenge was created because it makes your body numb to show how people with the disease feel. Words cannot even describe the anger I have for this. Pouring ice on yourself shows you how the people with Lou Gehrig's disease feel? Try living with the disease 24/7 and then maybe just MAYBE you could feel the numbness these people feel every day of their freaking lives. This has to be the most ridiculous thing I have heard about the stupid challenge this week. If you don't have Lou Gehrig's disease there is no possible freaking way you could ever even imagine how they truly feel. I never want to hear things like this again. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Commenting on an Ageless Article

^This is the article I'm talking about. Granted it's not a very reliable website what so ever, but the artile has basically made me spit fire because of how terrible the writer is. I'll give the guy (or girl) credit for spelling things correctly but there is absolutely no need for an article like this to ever be published. It pretty much just bashes people for how they look and that is ridiculous. 

Joan van Ark- I don't really watch soap operas but apparently this lady has some theatre background behind her as well. And although she may have went a bit extreme with the face surgery it is a bit rude for this guy in the article to say "she'll be lucky to find any work with a face like that." Many people can get work if they are qualified for the position. Not once have I ever heard someone say "We didn't hire that girl because of her face." I'm sure there are people who do that but if this lady is qualified for an acting role that's what makeup artists are getting paid to do; make people look good. 

Nick Nolte- Basically the article says that this guy ain't sexy no more because he's aged since his major debut in 1977. God forbid if someone looks more mature if they are 73 years old! 

Megan Fox- Yes she does look a lot different. She probably did have some work done. That's none of our business. However that does not mean people hate her new look. A lot of people still  find her to be the hottest female "actress" to ever grace the movie screens.

Lil' Kim- This girl was the old Nicki Minaj back in the 90s. She's had her time to shine, she's made a ton of money, and she STILL performs and continues to record music and tour. But what does this person say in the article? That Lil' Kim looks horrible and needs to go back to her natural look. Because let's not focus on her accomplishments, let's only focus on what she looks like.

Hilary Duff- That is a bad picture of her. End of story. If someone looks bad in a picture that does not necessarily mean they are addicted to botox.

Lisa Rinna- I can't defend this ladies choices and I can't really argue with what the article writer has to say. I'm sure Rinna is a nice person (maybe not) but yeah, she overdid it with all the plasticness.

Mickey Rourke- In his defense if I decided to get plastic surgery and someone was to screw up then I would probably try to fix it as well. 

On Haley Joel Osment's behalf, I would like to pint out that voicing a character for ANY video game is one of the toughest things you can do as an actor. 

Barry Manilow has wrinkles. Oh no!!! Because it's not like we normal humans can ever get wrinkles or anything.

How does Mark Hamill plan to act in the Star Wars movies looking like that? Oh I dunno, maybe by acting in the new Star Wars movie? And really, if his looks are offensive to that many people I'm quite positive that movie sets have makeup and hair artists present frequently. 

If Teri Hatcher doesn't want to inject herself with botox anymore then she doesn't need to! Get a grip you writers! 

Courtney Love- Another celebrity who has GAINED WEIGHT. The loser who wrote this article states that;
 "Cosmetic surgery and weight gain do not mix." 
You want to know what else doesn't mix? Idiots who claim that they are "writers" then submit horrid articles to the public all because they have access to a computer. You are not a writer, you're just an ass.