Saturday, January 31, 2009


So every so often I do tend to get emails on AOL and Yahoo. No one really ever emails me except my friends. I hardly ever get Instant messages from anyone and when I do I am usually the one who sends then. But today some random dude im'd me and I had absolutely no idea who it was.  I made sure that my email and IM were set to private so who in the world could be iming me that I do not know.? So I ask this dude who he was TWICE and the response I got was "You should be my girlfriend. You're hot! I would >do unnecessary things to your body< My name is Kyle!" 
... NO. Not feeling the relationship Kyle. I blocked the creep.

 First off I don't know anyone named Kyle and secondly how does he even know what I look like! I make a point to not post my pics on the internet because of creepo's like him! And since when do people start becoming boyfriend and girlfriend on the internet! Sure there's eharmony and what not but how does saying Hello automatically lead to a relationship! A lot of people on the internet are really nice though I have met a ton of cool people, but its people like him where I begin questioning others out in the world. No wonder they made To Catch a Predator! Thank god he talked to me though instead of a 10 year old is all I can say. So incase you are reading this Kyle, no I have no intentions of ever being  your girlfriend, I dont even know you and plan to get a restraining order if I ever come in contact with you, and my advice to you is to stop being a pedophile and get a job that requires you to interact with others in a normal fashion!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinese New Year! Sorry It's A Day Late

Happy Chinese New Year Pictures, Images and Photos

I think the Chinese New Year looks so much cooler than America's for some reason. So I hope yesterday you ate sweets and drank tea and were very merry like if you happen to celebrate this holiday!

Yesterday (Monday) for class we got a new sub for choir/drama. She does not like me what so ever and she is going to be there all week! I barely got any sleep the night before so my face was all red and blotchy that morning because life is just awesome that way. Anyways I walk into drama and she says in front of the entire class that I need to go to the office because my face looked like it had a disease. That was pretty embarrassing and not something everyone needed to hear!  In drama I got told that I couldn't act by her despite the fact that she has done absolutely no theatre in her lifetime and has zilch directing experience. 

In choir class at the end of the day nobody felt like singing because she turned on some rap music and that is not what we are supposed to be singing what so ever. Livin in the Hood by Lil Wayne is not the sheet music we have. I got fed up with trying to explain this so I just started reading a book because obviously I'm not going to do much singing today. When I'm about six chapters in the teacher lady goes up to me specifically and says " YOU NEED TO PUT YOUR BOOK AWAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY AND SING WITH DA MUSIC!" Lady, I don't know what this music is. And I'm almost positive nobody can sing with it! Plus I am not the only one in class not singing. When  I told her this she gave me a huge lecture about tude' and how I am a horrible person and then I just left and sat in the hallway because I could not take much more of the silliness.

I also had  my Hamlet audition and I really really really really really really REALLY want the part of Ophelia. I've been to every workshop and then this one blonde girl comes in and was really super good making me go "SOB! This girl's really good." My friend also auditioned and she said I didn't do that bad, hopefully she's right and I'm just over-reacting. Everyone there was super nice though and even if I don't get Ophelia I think that it will be fun to work with them. I won't know the parts until next week though so cross your fingers for me!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Appreciation For Me

For some reason the past 3 days I've been feeling really unappreciated, not that I would admit that to anyone outside the computer world. 

Seriously I always try to be the best I can be and do the best I can with everything and try to help others but it seems like lately I just haven't been getting appreciated. I know I sound like a stuck up angsty loser right now but if you went to my school or lived where I do you still probably wouldn't understand. But that's alright!  Some examples:

1. I go to a choir concert with only 5 people out of the 60 that are in my class I had to sing a solo for someone who wasn't there, yeah I love to sing but I'm not going to lie and say I am the best. The teachers reaction to my singing? I AM SO UPSET MARISSA DIDN'T SHOW UP! SHES GETTING MARKED DOWN A GRADE! Like I said I'm not horrible, I just need more practice! It's not like I sounded like this guy or anything;

2. I am the only one in my entire drama class who has a clue what they are doing and I get put in a group with a bunch of drug addicts who dont do anything! So I wrote the script as my group does nothing except talk about all the guys they just F$#&*^! Then one of the girls after I write the script goes: WELL I THINK THIS SKIT SHOULD BE ABOUT A PARTY! AND I WANT MY NAME CHANGED OH AND YOU (POINTS TO ME) ARE GOING TO HAVE A SEIZURE DURING THE PARTY AND ME AND MY BEST FRIEND RIGHT HERE ARE GOING TO MAKE FUN OF YOU! Yeah how about you die?

3. I have done so many things for my mom lately its not even funny. But alls she has done is yelled at me about how much more I could be doing and how I am a waste of her life.

4. I make a point to see my evil grandma everyday but alls she has done is start screaming about how I should be more social and be more like the people who go to my school. Sorry to disappoint you but that last part is not going to happen. Ever.

5. I always get the worst journalism stories even if I star the ones I want. So I put like 50 stars on the story of New Years Resolutions and what do I get? Sports. Winter Sports. Then I get told that I'm a horrible writer. Kids at my school are so nice when it comes to boosting your self esteem.

6. So I have to get quotes from some basketball players and because we never win any games I just ask some kids who play basketball in my english class to give me a quote. First off I could have just went up to the captains of the teams and asked but I chose to get an inside view for the story. And alls the team has to say is NO COMMENT and then this one kid has a really good quote and I wrote it down but he doesn't want it in the paper. Too bad. You say it out loud I like it, I'm desperate right now, you're going in the freaking paper! 

I could probably write a whole bunch of other things about how I'm unappreciated but that may bring me to saying some things that would get me kicked off So for now, your challenge for the day is to compliment someone and tell them how much you appreciate what they are doing, I don't care if its your mom or your dad or your best friend Britania get off your butts and go tell them that, NOW!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Drama Drama Drama or Acting Theatre Acting

In my drama class for a skit I got put into a group of freshmen, no big deal right? Well this blonde girl who over-plucks her eyebrows and always covers up her zits with concealer in the bathroom and is just not a very nice person got put in my group as well. The first words out of her mouth to me were "I HATE YOU. YOU'RE NOT THAT GOOD AT ACTING AND I CAN'T STAND YOU."

Alright? I always try to make a point of being nice to people even those who are rude like she was to me the very first day. So the weeks go on and she is still continuing to be rude to me! She thought that she could boss me around despite the fact that I am about 5 years older than her and is considered cool by people in my class. No, you are not going to continue to boss me around blondey, I was born before you and theatre is my thing, not yours.

  My group was totally un-prepared to perform our skit and this one kid who had 3, count them, 3 lines to memorize didn't have them down yet and when I tried to be all nice to him about how he needs to participate so he doesn't fail he throws his script in my face. Maybe next time I should just tackle him to the floor and tape his eyelids open until he memorizes his THREE LINES! 

Then 2 days before we were supposed to perform the skits in front of the class a girl who was in another group switched schools so my teacher had me memorize my lines for that girl PLUS keep my group in order! It was a pain and although barely anyone in my class had their lines down except for me (I sound so conceited... :-( ) I think we did alrightish. Always room for improvement though. Right now I'm in another group who does nothing except talk about their party life. I love acting, but it can be hard working with people like this and not lose your mind.

Steele High School Theater Auditorium Pictures, Images and Photos
^ This is not my school theatre fyi. I just liked the picture. 

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Time

So sorry for the lack of updates but its not like anyone reads this blog anyways. But it doesn't matter because  I like blogging.

If anyone out there is reading this I must say HAPPY BE-LATED NEW YEAR! 
This year on new years it wasn't much different from the previous ones, my best friend came over and hung out like she does every year, and because it was only 10 or so degrees outside we stayed inside my house and watched childrens television shows and made pizza and ate that along with popcorn and veggies and I drank a ton of water for some reason. It was really fun.

So we watched the ball drop and tried to understand what Dick Clark was saying after the horrendous music performance by the Jonas Brothers. We failed at trying to understand Clark and  fell asleep. Lovely story huh? Not really much of a blog post but I felt the need to write something on here!
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