Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Class Hates Me

That was a great thing to find out. At least now I don't have to try and be nice to these people. And when I say my whole class I mean my whole Monday class that I take lab with.  You would think that in college people wouldn't call you names or judge you considering everyone is here to learn or to just pass the class and move on with their life. The thing about that is everyone in my class could care less if they pass or fail. Considering I have to take this class in order to GRADUATE I kind of care about my grade and about getting an education.

So yesterday in lab we had to separate into two groups for a predator and prey experiment where we would take forks and spoons and knives and try to put beans and peas in a cup then count out how many each predatory group captured. Simple enough right? Our teacher asked who wanted to be the one to count up everything in each group and I volunteered for the forks because I had a calculator and really, how hard can it be? Obviously that was a huge mistake on my part because volunteering in college is apparently a thing to do when you want a target on your back.

When we got into each group around the table where all the "prey" were placed the first thing out of one guys mouth was
"Why is this b**ch volunteering for our group?" Um maybe because nobody else was going to and because my trust in each and every person in this class is lacking? But never-mind that, the fact is that he said this while I was standing right there like I couldn't hear him or his stupid friends laughing over that stupid comment. The thing is, I never even spoke to this guy before! How does he know what I'm like? In all honesty it kind of took me by surprise. Yet that wasn't even the worst part of the entire two hours.

One girl made a HUGE scene about how during the 3 minutes we were supposed to catch our prey on how "DIS GIRL (me) CAUGHT TWO PREY AT ONCE. SHE CHEATIN AND I AINT WORKIN WITH NO CHEATER!" What in the world are you talking about lady? And even if I did fling two peas into my cup one time who freaking cares? How does this effect your life any? My teacher asked this question and because the lady wouldn't shut up about my cheating abilities I just put two peas back because I did not have the time or patience to listen to her anymore.

Also during this lab another guy starts chatting with some of his friends about how he needs the table moved closer to him because he sucks at capturing stuff because he's 6'7. My response was that I suck at capturing prey too and I'm only 5 foot tall. Everyone just looked at me until another guy said "No one was asking you you ugly whore." Granted this kid was a new year student at college but I cannot fathom how a person can possibly be an ugly whore when wearing a  Jungle Book sweatshirt.

Yeah. This sure screams streetwalker to me! Plus it is super cute and comfy and nobody ever compliments me on it which truly makes me very sad. Do people not like The Jungle Book? It is one of my favorite Disney movies ever!

But moving on, after little boy idiot said that to me I told him to eff off because I could really care less about his opinion. But I then learned that telling people to eff off is something that can make people hate you. Lol. Another girl in the group started yelling at me despite the fact that she was sitting right there when this guy called me that despicable name. But I'm the bad person for not sitting there and taking it. Right.

Then as this is happening Mr. wheelchair guy rolls over and asks what the assignment is. I don't know dude, maybe if you showed up ON TIME instead of talking to ex wife #3 in the hallway you would know what we are doing. This guy is also in my project group and our project is due in a week and a half. When class ended he asked our teacher for the paper that listed all of the details on it because he never got one, which is complete BS. Then the condescending lady says that she ain't doing the preeeesentation because she was there last Monday and I wasn't. Oh that seems fair considering last Monday we only looked over our notes in lab and did nothing related to the project.

People. They are all going to be the end of me.

However some people do rock. I just got Vienna Teng's new cd AIMS and it is really really good. If you don't know who Vienna Teng is check her out, you won't regret it I promise.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Skipping And Divas And Acceptance And Ladybugs

I skipped class tonight. I really do not have the patience for irritating people tonight not to mention we aren't even doing anything except taking notes and going to lab to do the same experiment we did last Monday. I've been working with a diva all week. I deserve a break. I have never skipped class before and I'm kind of feeling like a rebel right now. However I don't recommend doing this. I have been in college for a few years now and because I have never skipped and I felt that I deserved at least one skip day before I graduate. So that's that.

Anyways, my week of backstaginess went alright with the exception of Ms. I'm The Lead So I Can Be A Diva girl. Yesterday at the matinee she started yelling about how I miscounted the paper bags she needed.
Me: Oh. Okay I'll just give you another one then. No big deal. I could have sworn I counted out six before the show started...
Me: But I could have sworn I DID.
Stage Manager: Don't talk to her like that! Obviously YOU miscounted the number of bags and therefore should take responsibility for your actions!

Now I always take responsibility for my actions. If I screw up, I will be the first to admit I screwed up. But in this case I always make 100% sure that these freaking bags are in place so I don't get yelled at. I double and triple and quadruple check just to make sure these stupid bags are there. It is not that hard to count to six and in this situation I knew ms. diva was just trying to make me look bad. I asked two girls (the understudy and the other cool actress) during intermission how many bags there were. They both told me that not only were there 6 bags in the one large bag but there was intact an extra which means that I know how to count to 6. Ha!

After the whole bag fiasco I learned after the show that I was not invited to a cast party because I don't drink. Everyone kept talking about this party and I finally asked why I wasn't invited and that was the excuse they gave me, because I don't drink. That's completely idiotic. I could have still been invited. I could have made fruit punch! But because I am apparently not cool enough for an invite they all shall receive no punch because I don't find them cool enough to drink it. But that's still a ridiculous reason for not inviting me. I wish people would just accept that others don't drink but it appears that will not be happening anytime soon. I am okay with not drinking, why do people care so much?

Then Ms. Diva starts freaking out about my non-invitation. In her exact words; 
"How'd you find out about this party? Everyone made sure NOT to tell you! Who'd you hear about this from?!?!?" 
My response;


But really, how could I not have known about this? Every single member of the cast kept talking about a party where they would be making mixed drinks. Not that difficult to figure out.

In other news I got to use use a staple gun for the first time yesterday. It accidentally cut my skin and I started bleeding but it was still pretty awesome! I also hit my head and there's a huge bruise on it now and it really hurts and I look funny. But I guess this is a part of being backstage. I do this for you people, for those who come and see the show. I am doing this for you! =D I also saw a ladybug about 5 minutes before opening which made me super happy. Ladybugs are said to be good luck and the show went fairly well yesterday so maybe there is some truth in that. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Working Backstage

I don't believe that I posted anything about this yet but I am in charge of props for my college's play which I was cut from. But it's all good considering tonight was opening night and my name was in the programme which I was actually surprised about considering I was sure my name would not be listed on there.

But anyways, being the prop person I get my own little table backstage and need to hand people stuff to  take onstage with them. I did that for the past three rehearsals and everything went smoothly. Tonight was opening night so of course everyone had to be all discombobulated because of nerves and what not. However, I don't care if you are an actor and are so nervous you are going to wet yourself onstage, under no circumstance should you ever be mean to the helpers backstage. That is a really bad thing to do. If you are mean to the people working like crazy banshees backstage how much help do you think you are going to get when you really, truly need it??

Now this is my first time ever really doing any type of backstage work. I had to build a set and tear it down for my stagecraft class but this is truly the only time I've ever had anything to do behind the scenes with the exception of the quick changes I had to do when I was an understudy. But anyways I am learning that working backstage is not something I will be doing anymore in the future, at least for this theatre. Not only do backstage people work almost as hard as the people onstage and get no recognition, at times they can also be treated poorly by the actors, which is what's happening to me at the moment.

You would think my job wouldn't be that hard, and truth be told it is not compared to other peoples. I just have to run back and forth a few times and hand people props. Simple enough right? Not when a few of the actors are being idiotic and extremely rude to you.

Three different people ran into the table FIVE TIMES. How long has this table been sitting here? That's right about a week. Why are you all running into it tonight as if it is a magical thing you can just avoid? Ugh. Then the kid in the production had his little hammer in his hand and almost knocked some glass plates off of the table and probably would have succeeded if I didn't grab his freaking hammer and catch the plates which were teetering on the edge of the table. Then people kept needing things that they haven't in the last three days!
"Hey where's the bucket at?" Where do you think it is? It has been sitting in a chair behind the first curtain ever since rehearsals began.
"Hey! I need a cigar! Give me a cigar!" Your cigars are on the table labeled "cigars." Grab one!
etc. etc. etc.

Now the girl who is playing the lead used to be my friend but after tonight I don't ever want to see her again. I refuse to be friends with divas. She has about a 5 minute break where she just stands offstage and where I have to hand her a tea tray. I made the tray up all nicely but OH NO apparently the way I set up a tea tray is not good enough because obviously I don't drink enough tea or watch enough Downton Abbey to know how tea is supposed to be set. *facepalm* So here is how this conversation went;
Lead lady: YOU need to set the tea tray up like THIS! (she moved the sugar bowl to the right and the lemon to the left. Yeah, that made a big difference). I don't want to be a diva but this is how I want it to go.
Stage manager: You need to listen to her because after all she's the one carrying the tray.
Lead Lady: Yeah. Just remember I got cast and you didn't.

EXCUSE ME? I was THIS CLOSE to punching her in the throat. Thank God she left to go back onstage or I would have freaking killed her. How dare she talk to me that way. How dare she even say that! This is a community college production, not Broadway, she has no bloody right to treat people like that. I'm not sure if I should tell the director what she said or if I should just keep it to myself. I'm not even sure if the director would care but I just want to point out that in theatre nobody needs to listen to or wants to be around a negative nelly. NOBODY. Be nice to everyone, from the person who does your hair to the guy sweeping the floors after the show has ended. Don't be like this girl.

Then there are the backstage people who are incredibly awesome until opening night. I show up at the theatre at 6:30, the play starts at 7:30 which gives me plenty of time to fix my table up for the cast. I was also wearing a green t-shirt and purple boots. Yes, that last sentence has a point, this is not fanfiction. So I start setting up my table when the stage manager comes out from the back room and is like "WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?"
"Uh green?"
"Well this is news to me. I was not informed of this rule and have no change of outfit unless you want me to go nude which I'm almost positive nobody wants to see."

Luckily the coolest lady ever, who has worked in this theatre for a long time happened to have a black "How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" t-shirt in her office which she loaned me for the night so I could fit in with the backstage crew. Thank you awesome lady!

Overall it was just a hectic night filled with rudeness and meanies with the exception of only a few people. I never knew how backstage people were treated before but after experiencing this I now have a new respect for them. They put up with these divas all of the time, the first time I put up with one and I'm ready to throw a punch and go to jail. If anyone out there is reading this and if they have ever worked backstage before I want to say thank you. Without you the show would have been a huge disaster.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Traveler Came Travelling

I have no idea why I was just thinking about this but let's just say some time traveling spacemen landed on our planet right now, in the year of 2013. Can you imagine how freaking confused they would be? Then again a lot of people who are released from prison tend to be confused by our world changes and technology which is actually quite sad when you truly think about it. Or maybe I've just seen The Shawshank Redemption too many times.

 But if you were a time traveler from let's say 1802 you would not be able to understand the language in this day and age especially if you came in contact with some teenagers and I think that this would lead to some interesting conversations!

'Lol, I got kicked out of class, SWAG.
Just made some sgetti.' YOLO.
That is cray cray!
Haters are my motivators.
I'm a Belieber!
I'm a Directioner!
I bought a TARDIS dress today!
Taking a selfie for my Instagram!
You mad bro?
A new episode of American Horror Story comes on tonight!
Soooo over it. 
You're looking sassy today lady pie! Sassy you be! SASS.
Look at this Meme!
You need to chillax
IDK. (The letters. Not I don't know, only the letters.)

Not to say that everyone says these things. Because there are always kids who don't participate in the fads. Those people will go on to do good things like write books. Or maybe they'll become drug pushers, you never know.I can just imagine some crazy scenario happening with this. Those are my thoughts for the day. Now everyone out there in the universe knows that I am capable of having random thoughts on a daily basis.

Say Yes to Cucumbers!

Or more like say yes to a ruby red slipper face that feels 3rd degree burn worthy...or like a chemical peel, which I hear suck! Plus I broke out! Stupid product, no stars for you!!!

Story time: A few weeks ago I decided to go check out a place called ULTA which recently had a grand opening somewhat close to where I live. First of all it was my first time in the store and I thought the store was pretty cool for carrying so many different products. So I saw these cucumber facial towels on the shelf for around $2.50 and stupid me, I thought "Haha! This stuff looks cool! Cucumbers are good for the soul! And the color of the day is green so this must be a wonderful product!" Plus it said that this was for sensitive skin. Let me tell you that it most certainly is NOT!

I was reading my book when out of nowhere my face feels like it's on fire, which was strange because it was only 40 degrees outside and the heat wasn't on inside the house. So I go to the bathroom, look in the mirror and I'm like "SOB. Cucumbers are laaaaame!" then I threw the package down the stairs because throwing them in the trash would have been too nice. They needed to feel the PAIN they caused me.

In conclusion, don't buy this product. Or really anything from the "Say Yes!" line. They say these products are "all natural" but obviously that's not true! Plus these wipes do not help take your makeup off. Big thumbs down! If you read some reviews online 50% of them will tell you the exact same thing, that this product sucks!

I have had to put oatmeal on my face along with aloe vera, cortisone cream, and an aspirin mask, in order for my skin to come back to not looking so hideous, but it still hasn't returned to normal. I don't like using that many things at one time but I was pretty desperate.

In other news, McDonalds has the raddest new toys in their happy meals. To celebrate The Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary they made Wizard of Oz toys. I have not really wished for any Mcdonald's toys since I was little but because I am a huge Wizard of Oz fan I had to get these. The thing about Mcdonald's toys around here is that they do not sell them all at the same place, you have to look around for them. Me and my mom went to McDonald's before my biology class one day and we got Dorothy and the Tin Man which were both incredibly adorable.  A week or so later at a different Mcdonald's we got the Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion. One day when I went over to my grandma's house to play cards I was telling her about these and after she worked one day she surprised me with Glinda (who is probably my favorite of the set.) After class last night my dad picks me up and then hands me The Wicked Witch who was the only one missing from the collection and who I could have sworn I would never see.

Overall this was a team effort and I'm really happy and incredibly surprised that people went out of their way just to give me, a 22 year old girl, a plastic toy. I thanked everyone multiple times but I don't think that will ever be enough. It is little things like this that make me think the world isn't such a bad place after all. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Email of the Day. Plus Idiots on Facebook Round 5!

As you all have been informed of in my last post, I have to do a group project in my biology class on osmosis. Fun times. On Wednesday the condescending lady told me that she doesn't care about the project because she's going to withdraw in December.

For real  lady? Why don't you just withdraw now and save me the time of not having to strangle you? But oh no, that would be too convenient for me! I even asked why she's waiting for December and her response was that she wasn't sure if her withdrawing would be an F because although she didn't pay for her non-folderized book out of pocket, she is not sure if she has financial aid or not. I learned this semester that if you have financial aid and withdraw, your grade automatically results in an F. But please, stay in the class. It's always good to make others (basically me)  fail because you aren't sure about your financial support. "If I fail you fail" is a great motto to live by.

In my project, I will try to convince my people my view on what I thought by reading the title was the main point and views based on individual opinion. I believe these particular thoughts because I had formed an opinion based on my history of being curious of those who have.

Take note, this is a GROUP PROJECT so all of her uses of my,I, and me make her seem completely self absorbed. Which she truly is but as I must point out again this is a GROUP PROJECT aka TEAM EFFORT as in EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE INCLUDED.

This is also supposed to be our groups hypothesis. How does this include anything about osmosis in any way, shape, or form? I don't understaaaaand!!!

As for a different topic I have been on Facebook recently and felt that it was time for another round of Idiots on Facebook. This is how the game goes;
Basically I go on someones profile on Facebook and if their status is horribly non-sensible I will copy and paste their status right here. There is only one way to not get involved with this game; make your profile private or type like a normal human being. If you choose not to follow these rules you are fair game.

"No sleep godly."- This young man was unable to get any sleep because God did not allow him a restful slumber. Hallelujah! 

People call me stupid but that only cuz I have SWAG. - If you are a person who uses the word swag you deserve to be called stupid because swag is a stupid word that was made popular by a horrible brat of a singer who thinks the world revolves around him. 

Imy guys hope yur all doing well ily! U all amazon!- What in the world does IMY stand for? By the way your should never be spelt as 'yur' or 'yer.' And am I the only one that believes ily is a silly way to say I love you? Ily sounds like a persons nickname in a fantasy novel that you can buy off Amazon.com which now also sells people. 

i love boobs. do you? like my status if you love boobs.- Why? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY? Why? Why would you make a status that asks this, especially when you're a girl? Ugh. Headaches. You give me headaches!!!

My girlfriend just called me && had to go to the bathroom && she walked into the Men's bathroom.- NO WAY. What a historical event! &&&&&&&&&&. 

I knew something bad was gonna happen especially when day u f***ed with only wanted to chill wit em to get high. U knew it. guess its better ur theie now. But ill keeo updated on u.- This guy must be related to my project partner. Obviously something bad is bound to happen when you only hang out with people to get high. Silly children. 

So turnin myself in to the jail iin the mornin to start my prison sentence hopefully soon afterwards wish me luck ill b home sooner or later.- This would be the same guy. See? Bad things do happen when you get high. Don't do drugs kids. 

Working on cold hearted moves  she does to me.- This sounds like it could be a song. Ah. There we go. Pretty sure most of those lyrics are wrong Mr. Facebooker.