Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Say Yes to Cucumbers!

Or more like say yes to a ruby red slipper face that feels 3rd degree burn worthy...or like a chemical peel, which I hear suck! Plus I broke out! Stupid product, no stars for you!!!

Story time: A few weeks ago I decided to go check out a place called ULTA which recently had a grand opening somewhat close to where I live. First of all it was my first time in the store and I thought the store was pretty cool for carrying so many different products. So I saw these cucumber facial towels on the shelf for around $2.50 and stupid me, I thought "Haha! This stuff looks cool! Cucumbers are good for the soul! And the color of the day is green so this must be a wonderful product!" Plus it said that this was for sensitive skin. Let me tell you that it most certainly is NOT!

I was reading my book when out of nowhere my face feels like it's on fire, which was strange because it was only 40 degrees outside and the heat wasn't on inside the house. So I go to the bathroom, look in the mirror and I'm like "SOB. Cucumbers are laaaaame!" then I threw the package down the stairs because throwing them in the trash would have been too nice. They needed to feel the PAIN they caused me.

In conclusion, don't buy this product. Or really anything from the "Say Yes!" line. They say these products are "all natural" but obviously that's not true! Plus these wipes do not help take your makeup off. Big thumbs down! If you read some reviews online 50% of them will tell you the exact same thing, that this product sucks!

I have had to put oatmeal on my face along with aloe vera, cortisone cream, and an aspirin mask, in order for my skin to come back to not looking so hideous, but it still hasn't returned to normal. I don't like using that many things at one time but I was pretty desperate.

In other news, McDonalds has the raddest new toys in their happy meals. To celebrate The Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary they made Wizard of Oz toys. I have not really wished for any Mcdonald's toys since I was little but because I am a huge Wizard of Oz fan I had to get these. The thing about Mcdonald's toys around here is that they do not sell them all at the same place, you have to look around for them. Me and my mom went to McDonald's before my biology class one day and we got Dorothy and the Tin Man which were both incredibly adorable.  A week or so later at a different Mcdonald's we got the Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion. One day when I went over to my grandma's house to play cards I was telling her about these and after she worked one day she surprised me with Glinda (who is probably my favorite of the set.) After class last night my dad picks me up and then hands me The Wicked Witch who was the only one missing from the collection and who I could have sworn I would never see.

Overall this was a team effort and I'm really happy and incredibly surprised that people went out of their way just to give me, a 22 year old girl, a plastic toy. I thanked everyone multiple times but I don't think that will ever be enough. It is little things like this that make me think the world isn't such a bad place after all. 

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