Monday, October 14, 2013

Skipping And Divas And Acceptance And Ladybugs

I skipped class tonight. I really do not have the patience for irritating people tonight not to mention we aren't even doing anything except taking notes and going to lab to do the same experiment we did last Monday. I've been working with a diva all week. I deserve a break. I have never skipped class before and I'm kind of feeling like a rebel right now. However I don't recommend doing this. I have been in college for a few years now and because I have never skipped and I felt that I deserved at least one skip day before I graduate. So that's that.

Anyways, my week of backstaginess went alright with the exception of Ms. I'm The Lead So I Can Be A Diva girl. Yesterday at the matinee she started yelling about how I miscounted the paper bags she needed.
Me: Oh. Okay I'll just give you another one then. No big deal. I could have sworn I counted out six before the show started...
Me: But I could have sworn I DID.
Stage Manager: Don't talk to her like that! Obviously YOU miscounted the number of bags and therefore should take responsibility for your actions!

Now I always take responsibility for my actions. If I screw up, I will be the first to admit I screwed up. But in this case I always make 100% sure that these freaking bags are in place so I don't get yelled at. I double and triple and quadruple check just to make sure these stupid bags are there. It is not that hard to count to six and in this situation I knew ms. diva was just trying to make me look bad. I asked two girls (the understudy and the other cool actress) during intermission how many bags there were. They both told me that not only were there 6 bags in the one large bag but there was intact an extra which means that I know how to count to 6. Ha!

After the whole bag fiasco I learned after the show that I was not invited to a cast party because I don't drink. Everyone kept talking about this party and I finally asked why I wasn't invited and that was the excuse they gave me, because I don't drink. That's completely idiotic. I could have still been invited. I could have made fruit punch! But because I am apparently not cool enough for an invite they all shall receive no punch because I don't find them cool enough to drink it. But that's still a ridiculous reason for not inviting me. I wish people would just accept that others don't drink but it appears that will not be happening anytime soon. I am okay with not drinking, why do people care so much?

Then Ms. Diva starts freaking out about my non-invitation. In her exact words; 
"How'd you find out about this party? Everyone made sure NOT to tell you! Who'd you hear about this from?!?!?" 
My response;


But really, how could I not have known about this? Every single member of the cast kept talking about a party where they would be making mixed drinks. Not that difficult to figure out.

In other news I got to use use a staple gun for the first time yesterday. It accidentally cut my skin and I started bleeding but it was still pretty awesome! I also hit my head and there's a huge bruise on it now and it really hurts and I look funny. But I guess this is a part of being backstage. I do this for you people, for those who come and see the show. I am doing this for you! =D I also saw a ladybug about 5 minutes before opening which made me super happy. Ladybugs are said to be good luck and the show went fairly well yesterday so maybe there is some truth in that. 

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