Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Class Hates Me

That was a great thing to find out. At least now I don't have to try and be nice to these people. And when I say my whole class I mean my whole Monday class that I take lab with.  You would think that in college people wouldn't call you names or judge you considering everyone is here to learn or to just pass the class and move on with their life. The thing about that is everyone in my class could care less if they pass or fail. Considering I have to take this class in order to GRADUATE I kind of care about my grade and about getting an education.

So yesterday in lab we had to separate into two groups for a predator and prey experiment where we would take forks and spoons and knives and try to put beans and peas in a cup then count out how many each predatory group captured. Simple enough right? Our teacher asked who wanted to be the one to count up everything in each group and I volunteered for the forks because I had a calculator and really, how hard can it be? Obviously that was a huge mistake on my part because volunteering in college is apparently a thing to do when you want a target on your back.

When we got into each group around the table where all the "prey" were placed the first thing out of one guys mouth was
"Why is this b**ch volunteering for our group?" Um maybe because nobody else was going to and because my trust in each and every person in this class is lacking? But never-mind that, the fact is that he said this while I was standing right there like I couldn't hear him or his stupid friends laughing over that stupid comment. The thing is, I never even spoke to this guy before! How does he know what I'm like? In all honesty it kind of took me by surprise. Yet that wasn't even the worst part of the entire two hours.

One girl made a HUGE scene about how during the 3 minutes we were supposed to catch our prey on how "DIS GIRL (me) CAUGHT TWO PREY AT ONCE. SHE CHEATIN AND I AINT WORKIN WITH NO CHEATER!" What in the world are you talking about lady? And even if I did fling two peas into my cup one time who freaking cares? How does this effect your life any? My teacher asked this question and because the lady wouldn't shut up about my cheating abilities I just put two peas back because I did not have the time or patience to listen to her anymore.

Also during this lab another guy starts chatting with some of his friends about how he needs the table moved closer to him because he sucks at capturing stuff because he's 6'7. My response was that I suck at capturing prey too and I'm only 5 foot tall. Everyone just looked at me until another guy said "No one was asking you you ugly whore." Granted this kid was a new year student at college but I cannot fathom how a person can possibly be an ugly whore when wearing a  Jungle Book sweatshirt.

Yeah. This sure screams streetwalker to me! Plus it is super cute and comfy and nobody ever compliments me on it which truly makes me very sad. Do people not like The Jungle Book? It is one of my favorite Disney movies ever!

But moving on, after little boy idiot said that to me I told him to eff off because I could really care less about his opinion. But I then learned that telling people to eff off is something that can make people hate you. Lol. Another girl in the group started yelling at me despite the fact that she was sitting right there when this guy called me that despicable name. But I'm the bad person for not sitting there and taking it. Right.

Then as this is happening Mr. wheelchair guy rolls over and asks what the assignment is. I don't know dude, maybe if you showed up ON TIME instead of talking to ex wife #3 in the hallway you would know what we are doing. This guy is also in my project group and our project is due in a week and a half. When class ended he asked our teacher for the paper that listed all of the details on it because he never got one, which is complete BS. Then the condescending lady says that she ain't doing the preeeesentation because she was there last Monday and I wasn't. Oh that seems fair considering last Monday we only looked over our notes in lab and did nothing related to the project.

People. They are all going to be the end of me.

However some people do rock. I just got Vienna Teng's new cd AIMS and it is really really good. If you don't know who Vienna Teng is check her out, you won't regret it I promise.

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