Monday, November 4, 2013

First All Nighter

Hey everyone I'm back and it is currently midnight where I live so that means I have 17 hours until my poster and lab report are due! Fun times! This was supposed to be a group project but considering everyone in my group sucks I of course got stuck with doing the poster for our presentation and the lab report, the last which I haven't even started yet!!! This is not okay. I seriously loathe group projects so so much. I cannot tell you a story about that one time I was in a group and did not do everything because in order for me to tell that story I would have to have been in a good and fair group which we all know will never happen. So here I am on a Sunday night coloring in some graphs and trying to sound all scientifical and write down all the information I had to find myself because my "group" thought it would be a great idea to not do their side of the project. I kind of had a feeling that they would do absolutely nothing but I held on to this little glimmer of hope that they would. Darn you glimmer of hope! Now I'm stuck here typing a lab report which is probably going to need some severe editing in the morning. If I had it my way the report would say "And then we learned science. Bill Nye says science is our future. Bill Nye is cool. Osmosis. The end." But I doubt writing a few non-detailed sentences would be good for my grade. As for the rest of my groups grades, let's just say come student evaluation time tomorrow they will wish that they had done something. I am giving all of them the lowest points possible and I dare them to do the same. I dare them to give me a low score on the evaluation. I dare them to complain ONE TIME about my poster or critique the lab report. I have been so very close to kicking these people throughout the entire semester but tomorrow just may be the day. I can see how this is going to go down right now; condescending girl is going to have a problem with my poster because I actually know how to use a dictionary, but this will be a problem in her world and she will try to fix it using her non-existent slang words. She touches my poster or tells me to redo it the below picture will be me.

It is my personal belief that professors assign students group projects to determine which students are bound to be future murderers. I think it's just a fun and amusing game to them when it is complete hell for the people who actually do the work. I bet they are just sitting in the teacher's lounge drinking coffee going "Tallyho! Guess what I did to my class today? I gave them a group project! Harharhar. And I paired Jimmy up with T-Bob and Shiny Dice Man. This is going to be such an enjoyment to watch as the weeks progress!" NO! This is not enjoyable  for anyone! If you are a teacher and do stuff like this then dishonor! Dishonor on you. Dishonor on your family. Dishonor on your cow!!!

The end. Well the end of this post anyways. I obviously have stuff to do but I shall write again shortly once the week is over.

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