Saturday, June 23, 2012


If you didn't already know this, I am a book fan and when I say books I mean real things that you can carry in your hand. I do not think I will ever be seen with a kindle,nook, or any other type of reading device. I am still stubbornly refusing to take part in  this latest technological trend. Now don't get me wrong I can see why these little devices might appeal to some people, they just don't to me considering I hate the idea of not owning tangible books. Maybe someday I'll own one, but that will be in the very late future. 

As for books, I have noticed a few things regarding them lately because I am a loser and pick up on stuff like this;

1. Teen fiction- I was at Target a few weeks ago and at Barnes&Noble the other day when I noticed this. Why in the world are all of the freaking book covers the color black? Why can't we have the book cover be sparkly and pink, would it literally kill someone to do that? Do we have to follow the stupid vampire example and make every book look like a depressing graveyard? No, I don't think we do.
Oh and paranormal romance is considered to be a book category now.

2. Speaking of horrible vampire books, these are not, nor will they ever be acceptable book covers for two of the greatest classics of all time. Classic literature should be able to sell just fine without the influence of overrated teen vampire romance. 

HarperCollins Twilight Inspired Classics Book Covers William Shakespeare Jane Austen Austen Midsummer's Night Dream Persuasion Emma Sense Sensibility

I know the old saying, don't judge a book by it's cover but I am judging. I am judging hard. Most of us base a book on it's cover anyways, most of us would hate to become blind because then we wouldn't be able to SEE things. This is an insult to Emily Bronte, Jane Austen, and Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet is considered a tragedy, not a romance! None of the above stories have to do with freaking flowers or "the dark ages" which I am assuming these covers were trying to go for

Oh and my two favorites:

Do not screw with Jane Eyre. WTF is this? NONE of the female characters in Charlotte Bronte's classic look like the red lipped female shown above unless they are trying to resemble Helen Burns but even that doesn't make since considering the red nail polish! Jane was a governess in 19th century England there is absolutely no way Mr. Rochester would have let her saty at his house (Thornfield) if she was wearing makeup like that and had her nails that color. And again, what up with the flowers. Exactly what are they supposed to represent? They certainly don't represent any of the characters and not once in this book does a scene like this happen;

Rochester: Jane I hath loved you like a little rose. Speaking of a rose I picked a red rose out of the garden for you to wear in your hair like all governesses should. You are my red rose. I like flowers, especially roses because they remind me of you! Now Rose, please take this flower and accept my marriage proposal.

Jane: Eeee! Of course I'll marry you!!!

... forgive me Charlotte Bronte. But seriously I might break someones face if that is what they think Jane Eyre is truly like.

Now I am all for teens getting into the classics and if these covers help them do that then so be it. But I also think that the cover art should somehow be a compliment to the text inside the book and these all just don't do that.

3. I do not understand the craze with Abraham Lincoln lately. Now I can't give a detailed opinion on any of these because I haven't read them, but why are people turning the16th president of the USA into everything they can possibly think of. Vampire hunter. Zombie slayer. Ghost. Now from what I know Abe was a pretty cool president but I just do not see how any person could come up with the idea of turning him into a vampire hunter. It's genius really. Or insanity. I truly liked Pride&Prejudice and Zombies by the same author so I don't think the idea of the dude on our $5 bill being a vampire hunter can be as insane as it sounds.

Friday, June 22, 2012


You know the film by Don Bluth? The one that is NOT a Disney movie but rather an animated feature by 20th Century Fox.The one about what could have (but didn't) happen to Anastasia Romanov after the massacre of the royal family in 1918 and has catchy music. This one:

Well it's becoming a Broadway musical! I have said for years now that they should make this movie into a stage production! I am ecstatic about it. Don't believe me? READ THE ARTICLE:

And to make it even better Angela Lansbury has landed the role of Grandmama whom she voiced in the original! Anything with Angela Lansbury whether it be a movie or musical or even a commercial, is bound to be fantastic.
Speaking of casting whoever plays Rasputin better be epic or I will cry. If the auditionees cannot sing the song below or do a crazy laugh or be an extremely acceptable bad guy then they have no business playing him.

As for Anastasia, my pick is for who should play her is Jenn Gambatese but even if they don't choose her or if she doesn't audition whoever they pick will be fine. I really don't care who portrays Dimitri or his friend.

To anyone who has never seen the movie please note that it is not even close to being historically accurate but that does not make it horrible. The Romanov's are actually a really interesting family to learn about if you are interested in Russian history and that kind of stuff.

I already told my mom that as soon as it hits broadway I'm going to New York and seeing it. I have never been so excited for a musical in my life and if it ends up being horrible then at least I can say that I saw it before it left the stage. I've always wanted to see Tarzan and Jane Eyre: The Musical but sadly those two aren't around anymore. I shall not make the mistake of missing this one! However the only way I can see this failing is if crazy historians protest to no end or if they cast Nick Jonas or someone of the sort as Dimitri.

I'm a bit confused as to how they are going to do the train scene but overall I'm sure whatever they come up with will be good.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


How is everyone doing on this lovely night/morning/afternoon, whatever it is where you live?

My philosophy class is very strange. I have a quiz for it tomorrow and I am almost positive that I'm going to do ok on it. Funny thing about class on Monday is that Mr. Opinionated walked out of it after our 10 minute break because the teacher basically called him a communist which he retorted by calling every person in the class "ridiculous atheist." Then he came back into the room because he forgot his book which pretty much made his leave pointless in the first place.

Oh and I wore a dress today. According to some douchey guy at college "tiny pale girls shouldn't wear dresses. Save that for the tan, hot chicks."

Personally I have never been extremely happy with my own skin, but what girl has? However I have always valued how short and pale I am. I cannot tan for I get burnt easily, and I don't like tanning anyway.  I will never understand how people can just lay in the sun and do nothing for hours on end. For someone to pretty much call another ugly, or 'unhot' because of their skin tone just makes said person idiotic. I cannot help how pale I am, I wear SPF 100 sunscreen because I don't want to get burned or have the possibility of receiving skin cancer. I don't look albino what so ever but I am wouldn't change the color of my skin for the world. As an FYI to people, pale skin was a sign of royalty and youth a long time ago. Marie Antoinette did not look like Snookie. So the next time you wish to insult someone else's skin tone, don't. Everyone is beautiful unless their personality sucks.

And speaking of skin:

WTF Proactive? WTF?!?!? Let's target people's insecurities by being direct and harsh! The one way to describe this ad is bitchy, truly bitchy. You do not get boyfriends or girlfriends by using Proactive! Do not stab yourself with a fork because of this! These are tough words coming from the company that has Justin Bieber as their spokesperson and that should tell you something right there.

By the way, proactive doesn't work and I haven't really had severe acne since sophomore year of high school. And I STILL don't have a boyfriend. Screw you Proactive. Screw you and your LIES. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Why do my blogs sometimes fail to publish? That is not cool nor hip in the least!!! =P

Anyways today I started my philosophy class and let me just say that if anything it will be interesting. My teacher is a complete nut case who reminds me of one of those guys you tried never to associate with in high school for a good reason.

As soon as me and these two other girls walked into class and sat down at 8:50 today Mr. Teacher-Professor dude starts being OCD and touching all of the things at his desk three times. Now I'm sure everyone has some type of OCD but he handled his pretty poorly. After waiting about 5 more minutes for the rest of the class to show up he starts off his lecture by telling us that "Tardiness is UNACCEPTABLE on any account." Oh ok then, good thing the 18 out of the 23 of us here showed up on time to hear these words of wisdom that do not apply to us!

He then proceeds to hand out the syllabus and for the next hour or so explain it while arguing with some man in my class about history and God. This guy behind me had an opinion about EVERYTHING from the color red to religion to politics. I may have to throw a punch at him if he continues having opinions for the next month and a half. Opinions that nobody wants to know and nobody cares about unless you are the nut job of a teacher who wants to "start a rousing philosophical debate with our emotions." Seriously dude sitting behind me, it is syllabus day, please stop your annoying words and making Mr.Teacher man talk, we are not even halfway through the class yet!

After Mr. Opinion was finished talking for the next few minutes the teacher tells us that "he doesn't believe in the healthcare system" and that "all sickness can be cured with a healthy lifestyle." Yeah, please tell that to the victim of a gunshot wound through the face, I'm sure they would love to hear that as they are bleeding to death!!!  This was then followed by some other guy who was playing games on his computer sitting diagonally 2 seats in front of me to yell out that he has MRSA. Good thing to know, I shall now avoid you like the plague considering I do not wish to have this incurable disease!!!

Another good thing about my teacher, he is 63 years old! Take note of that for if anyone ever takes his class he will probably tell you this 50 times through lecture along with how he is a Vietnam War veteran. What I found particularly funny today is that another guy who is 36 years old also claimed that he fought for Vietnam. Pretty sure he is either crazy or a bit behind the times. If you are younger than my dad who is 50 something, you did not fight in the Vietnam War. End of story. 

Also these are the rules for his class:
1. Respect others opinions- No.
2. Communicate Participate- Rhymy rhyme time!
3. Express feelings through your eyes - X_O
4. Be willing to learn!!!- Haha, no fool I payed money for this class to sit here for two hours and not learn! But it does seem like that might be the case.

Overall I am sure that this class is going to be a waste of my time, but you can use notes for quizzes and exams so maybe I can get out of there with an A or B if I use my notes and drink a ton of caffeine and chew gum throughout all of his lectures. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So I haven't wrote on here in forever. Nothing much has been going on in the past couple of months except LIFE.
Mainly here is what the past few months have involved;

1. I got threatened on twitter for calling Bieber Fever stupid and Justin Bieber a tool. Apparently Justin will never love me or be my husband. I guess I have to find a new dream.

2. Memorial Day Weekend. Everyone has a right and should have fun and dance and celebrate and buy flowers for their lost ones and what not. But I would have appreciated it if I could have at least gotten an hour of sleep during these celebratory times! I do not enjoy you CRACKER JACKS who call yourselves neighbors screaming at each other about sidewalks and fires and blasting out the 2Pac or I'm sory "puttin down da beats" from 1am until dawn!!! But overall Memorial Day was ok, I had to put a grill together for my mom so we could join the rest of the population and barbecue which was kind of fun.

3.  My teacher for my philosophy class which starts in 5 days just wrote me this email; "Welcome to philosophy! This is an exciting class!!! You plus I will learn some cool things about wisdom and ethics." What on earth did I get myself into? Then  he writes us another email telling us to write down 15 things about ourselves so he can get to know us better. This shall be entertaining to write. For #1 I'm going with I have possession of the black cauldron. #15 shall be you can't handle the truth.

4. Les Miserables trailer. WATCH IT NOW!

5. Watched a guy get dragged out of the secretary of state for questioning their procedures. He is my new hero.

6. I started reading the Hunger Games series. At first I was hesitant about reading it because I heard from various people that it was like Twilight and anything like Twilight deserves to get burned. But overall I really enjoyed it. I'm on Mockingjay right now and I swear if they kill Effie Trinket off I'm going to protest.

7. A few days ago I learned that I have a chameleon singing voice. I have no idea what that means but it sounded pretty good. 

8. My town had a brand new farmer's market opening which included a performance by the new high school drama club which I only tried to enforce since I was in 8th GRADE until I was a senior. But of course after I graduated they had to have one. And these children cannot act. They had their freaking scripts in their hand 2 minutes before the performance. Sad little drama club, you failed. 

That's pretty much it for now, not too much going on until next Sunday when the Tony Awards come on and Monday when I start my philosophy class. Bye bye!