Thursday, June 21, 2012


How is everyone doing on this lovely night/morning/afternoon, whatever it is where you live?

My philosophy class is very strange. I have a quiz for it tomorrow and I am almost positive that I'm going to do ok on it. Funny thing about class on Monday is that Mr. Opinionated walked out of it after our 10 minute break because the teacher basically called him a communist which he retorted by calling every person in the class "ridiculous atheist." Then he came back into the room because he forgot his book which pretty much made his leave pointless in the first place.

Oh and I wore a dress today. According to some douchey guy at college "tiny pale girls shouldn't wear dresses. Save that for the tan, hot chicks."

Personally I have never been extremely happy with my own skin, but what girl has? However I have always valued how short and pale I am. I cannot tan for I get burnt easily, and I don't like tanning anyway.  I will never understand how people can just lay in the sun and do nothing for hours on end. For someone to pretty much call another ugly, or 'unhot' because of their skin tone just makes said person idiotic. I cannot help how pale I am, I wear SPF 100 sunscreen because I don't want to get burned or have the possibility of receiving skin cancer. I don't look albino what so ever but I am wouldn't change the color of my skin for the world. As an FYI to people, pale skin was a sign of royalty and youth a long time ago. Marie Antoinette did not look like Snookie. So the next time you wish to insult someone else's skin tone, don't. Everyone is beautiful unless their personality sucks.

And speaking of skin:

WTF Proactive? WTF?!?!? Let's target people's insecurities by being direct and harsh! The one way to describe this ad is bitchy, truly bitchy. You do not get boyfriends or girlfriends by using Proactive! Do not stab yourself with a fork because of this! These are tough words coming from the company that has Justin Bieber as their spokesperson and that should tell you something right there.

By the way, proactive doesn't work and I haven't really had severe acne since sophomore year of high school. And I STILL don't have a boyfriend. Screw you Proactive. Screw you and your LIES. 

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