Friday, June 22, 2012


You know the film by Don Bluth? The one that is NOT a Disney movie but rather an animated feature by 20th Century Fox.The one about what could have (but didn't) happen to Anastasia Romanov after the massacre of the royal family in 1918 and has catchy music. This one:

Well it's becoming a Broadway musical! I have said for years now that they should make this movie into a stage production! I am ecstatic about it. Don't believe me? READ THE ARTICLE:

And to make it even better Angela Lansbury has landed the role of Grandmama whom she voiced in the original! Anything with Angela Lansbury whether it be a movie or musical or even a commercial, is bound to be fantastic.
Speaking of casting whoever plays Rasputin better be epic or I will cry. If the auditionees cannot sing the song below or do a crazy laugh or be an extremely acceptable bad guy then they have no business playing him.

As for Anastasia, my pick is for who should play her is Jenn Gambatese but even if they don't choose her or if she doesn't audition whoever they pick will be fine. I really don't care who portrays Dimitri or his friend.

To anyone who has never seen the movie please note that it is not even close to being historically accurate but that does not make it horrible. The Romanov's are actually a really interesting family to learn about if you are interested in Russian history and that kind of stuff.

I already told my mom that as soon as it hits broadway I'm going to New York and seeing it. I have never been so excited for a musical in my life and if it ends up being horrible then at least I can say that I saw it before it left the stage. I've always wanted to see Tarzan and Jane Eyre: The Musical but sadly those two aren't around anymore. I shall not make the mistake of missing this one! However the only way I can see this failing is if crazy historians protest to no end or if they cast Nick Jonas or someone of the sort as Dimitri.

I'm a bit confused as to how they are going to do the train scene but overall I'm sure whatever they come up with will be good.

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