Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blood :-O

This Tuesday my school did a blood drive and people kept asking me why I was unable to give blood. I have 2 reasons:
1. I'm anemic. I have low blood count
2. I have to get my blood drawn on Thursday, I cannot do it unless I am really,really stupid.

So me and my parents go to the hospital for my asthma/type 1 diabetes/ etc and I had to get my blood drawn. This girl who did it was not nice! I usually get the same person to draw my blood every single time because I know she does good but because she wasnt there I get stuck with a teenager who probably just got out of college. I ask her if she has drawn blood before and she gives me an evil look without responding then jabs the needle into my arm! And not only did she do that but she drew out around 2 gallons of blood, making me ALMOST pass out, my dad had to hold me up when I left the blood drawing room. Needless to say I wasn't really feeling that spify that day or Friday. I still think I am dizzy from it but its probably just in my mind. Then I find out that the doctors only needed around a pint or so! 
The sad thing about this is that this wasn't my first blood drawing mishap. 

This happened about 2 years ago,
I go into the blood drawing room and then a new phlebotomist  walks up to me and says my name very loudly for all to hear.
Me: Yes?
Her: Time to get your blood drawn?
Me: Okay....
Her: (getting needle out) This is my first day here 
Me: O_____________O
Her: Okay now here we go...
Me: WAIT! You have to rub alcohal on the bendy part my arm first and then tie a plastic tie thing around it!
Her: Oops! I'm always forgetting that part HAHAHAHA!(as shes doing that...)
Me: So how many patients have you done so far?
Her: Oh you're my first one! 
Me: O___________O :-0
Her: HERE WE GO (stabs arm waits for like a minute before the needle goes out!)
Me: (in very much pain) Put a cotton ball on it, my arms bleeding!
Her: Well I didnt get a vein so now we'll just have to do it again (stabs the same arm 5 seconds after that! Me,about screaming bloody murder!) There we go all finished!
Me: Please. GIVE...ME....A... BAND AID....
Her: I'm going to have to go ask someone where the cotton balls and bandaids are hang on a second!
Me: (holding my arms so I don't lose too much blood!) 
Her: Here ya go a Scooby Doo band-aid (yeah that makes it much better lady thanks!)
I am pretty sure this lady got fired because I havent seen her since! And I don't go to one of those loopy kind of hospitals, its actually very nice, incase anyone was wondering.

Giving blood is a good thing to do, it helps a lot of people but two of my tips when doing it:
1. Get someone who knows what they are doing
2. If you are anemic,1 pint of blood is enough!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Grr My school is so LAME!

So I talk to the counselor this morning stating that I want to get out of my Sci-Fi class and of course I am still in it now! I have some stories before we get into the whole counselor thing about that class!

Day 1- Talks about how aliens are real and how we will all be reading sci- fi work by one author. 

Day 2- We write down something pointless about this author after reading a 10 page packet interview on him and my teacher goes up to my desk and says: YOU HAVE POOR WRITING SKILLS AND DON'T HAVE THE INNER EYE. Um okay? We'll go with that! Thank you wannabe Trelawney! 

Day 3- We read a pointless story about a creature of space. Too bad nobody cares about this!

Day 4- Teacher goes up to me again and tells me I still don't have the inner eye..... I give him a thumbs up and an odd facial expression of which I don't think he caught onto.

Day 5- He talks about aliens and lectures. I draw a pretty picture of a house and bunnys and other random things! I've tried to like this class but its so, I can't even explain!

But besides that let us get back to my counselor...
Me: I would like to drop out of sci- fi class.
Her: HERES THE DEAL. I CAN'T DO THAT. THE ONLY OTHER CLASS AVAILABLE IS ANIMAL DISSECTING CLASS (it has another name but i forgot what it is. I can't dissect animals without hating myself so that is not going to happen.)
Me: Well I don't have anything else to take. Can I just help you out in the office for an hour or so, or do an independent study?
Her: No the curriculum says we can't do that anymore
Me: You'll have to make an exception for there are no classes for me to take. I have all my credits to graduate. I'd like to learn something my senior year
Her: Well you have to stay in that class. Think of this as a class of fun not for learning.
Me: There are so many people in the class I cant concentrate! (Not true but she did not need to know this)
Her: Have you talked to the teacher about it?
Me: Um no. (For if I talked to him he would probably ramble on about Star Wars or something or aliens!) But sci- fi isn't really my thing.
Her: There's nothing I can do. Be open minded BYE! 
So she shuts her office door after pushing me out of it. This caused me to be very angered and did not solve any problems what so ever!

Then I go to my drama class and get put in a group for a skit with a bunch of freshmen and I can deal with that. So without reading the script they just call out whatever parts they want to be and I get stuck with a character who has 9 lines, most consisting of one word answers. So I tell them this and how I would like it if I could have a larger part if that is ok with them and some asshat of a blonde girl in my group goes:

Thanks for your kind words. I shall remember them when I drop a house on you.

Friday, December 5, 2008

New Classes- YAY

So I meant to post this a while back, sorry for the lateness. So I got put into my new classes this week (YAY!). But of course there's bad news to go along with it: 
I have 2 classes I cannot stand! Those being-

Life After H.S.- UGH! Whoever names a class Life After H.S. just needs to not exist. The name just irritates me. Why not just call it life after graduation or consumer economics part II.

Sci-Fi- Fantasy- Seriously what is this? People are so stupid if they think the students will actually learn anything important and informative in this class.

But anyways let me explain whats so lame about the two classes.
LAHS- So I walk into the classroom and sit in the back with one of my friends. He starts yelling at us right off the bat and goes : THERE ARE SEATS HERE UP FRONT MOVE! So we did. Then he goes around the room asking what we plan on doing after high school. So heres what I say:
I plan on going to a community college and get my basics then major in theatre.
Then he starts spazzing out on me and says:
Me: I don't think its foolish.
So then he spazzes out on me again for about 5 more minutes which I stopped paying attention to after the 3 seconds he started. Then he goes:
To get him out of my face I say: I plan to go into teaching.
Me: Um why not? You're doing it right now (and not very well might I add!)
Him: TEACHING TAKES YEARS OF COLLEGE TO DO! BLAH BLAH BLAH! (he finally walks away. If teaching takes years of college then why is he here?)
Apparently being a costume designer and a journalist is also not a SUITABLE CAREER CHOICE! Yet a football player states that they will be an NBA star and get a thumbs up. Yeah THAT IS A GREAT CAREER CHOICE! Too bad my school loses every basketball game they play!
Moving on.........
SCI_FI_FANTASY- Oh my gosh whoever hired this whack job is an idiot. I swear he got out of the wacky shack. Okay lets review the class shall we:
RULE ONE: ALIENS ARE REAL- ha ha. I gave this statement a very odd look like this =-O, but they are real let me tell you! I mean UFOS AND CIRCLES IN FIELDS! No. Just no. They are NOT real!!! Stop the lies! Oh and we must write notes down to help us understand as stated in class rules #'s 1-20, aliens being real number 1 of course but what else could possibly be that number?!
Then on top of all that 3 trekkie fans are in that class and they try to talk to me which is quite unusual....
Hopefully I can switch those 2 classes!

Monday, November 17, 2008


So I have exams this week, wish me luck. I'll need it especially when it comes to politics.
Speaking of which I have a great question to go along with it: Why did my teacher think it a WISE idea to have his 3 favorite students use notes on their exams and have the rest of the 20 or something kids in the class freaking out about mesmorizing and what not (like me!) I seriously was mad about this. The conversation went:
Teacher: YOU,you,and YOU will be allowed to use notes on your exam.
Me: What about the other kids?
Me: Well I dont think thats very fair having 3 students allowed to use notes while the rest of us cant.
Teacher: (gives me another evil look and then starts talking to one of his 3 favorite students about track or something.)
Yeah that irriateted me! How is using notes going to help you on exams in college? That's right it's not unless you are allowed to use them, which in this case using notes is obviously on his "favorite student" scale. 

I can't wait until I am out of his class. I hope I pass too or else I'll be irritated with myself  just because I barely passed the case brief exam. In my school if you have more than 7 absenses it counts against you if you don't get a C+ or higher on the exam you automatically fail that class. Stupid rules! I can pretty much pass every class I have except choir without even showing up.

But other than politics I know that I shall  do alright. I already got an A on one of my exams so its all good! 

Friday, October 24, 2008

Stupid Solicitors!

Music: Paper Planes by M.I.A.

knew I shouldn't have picked up my house phone. Everyone who is important shows up on my called ID so if the phone rings, there's a very high chance it's either some telemarketer or some long lost family member asking for money(more than likely number one,lol)
So for some odd reason, I picked it up today... thought they would tell me I won a million dollars or something like that lol. But here's how the conversation goes...
Me: "Hello"
Spanish Telemarketer (ST): "Hi, I am calling from blahblah company and I would like to do a survey" (in Spanish)
Me: "Sorry, I'm not interested, and what the heck are you saying!"
ST: "Oh, you speak no Spanish? Do you have adults in the house? Is your mommy or daddy home?" (Broken English)
Me: "No, you can talk to me."
ST: "I'm sorry, we really need to talk to an older person who's 18 and over. Maybe we'll call again ok little girl?"
So, I got insulted and insisted that he was a moron and that I can obviously speak nothing Spanish but then I got suckered into doing the survey which they promised would take 5 minutes which turned out to be atleast 40 or 45 min long. That was a waste of 45 minutes of my life that I will never get back! Stupid solicitors!

ururu stupid people

Sunday, October 12, 2008

"All that Jazz"

Chicago the musical Pictures, Images and Photos
Hi again!
So my choir class has been watching the movie Chicago for the past 3 days now and we just finished it today. The movie was pretty great though not the best musical movie I ever saw. I just got kind of annoyed with the lead character (Roxie Hart portrayed by Renee Zellweger). Apparently Roxie is a starstruck idiot who's main goal in life is to be on stage yet she can't act and people thought she was fabulous. No. Just no. Her husband wasn't much better or as I like to call him "Mr. Cellophane" (lol) his song lasted 8 minutes I kid you not, I timed it! It is so long! Really the moral to the movie was that you can get away with murder and become famous (post awkward looking face here).

Ok that moral isn't totally true, the movie is basically about media sensationalized criminal trials and how the public can't get enough of them and how the two main characters (Zellweger's Hart, and Valma Kelly portrayed by Catherine Zeta Jones) will do whatever it takes to get their 15 minutes of fame. 

 But really the people who died in this movie, "they had it coming."

Harry Potter vs. Twilight

I just want to get something off my mind right now. Seriously I have no idea why people are comparing these two books. They have completely different characters and completely different storylines from what I hear. I havent read Twilight but alls I can say is that all of you fans who are like BLAH BLAH BLAH EDWARD IS SO HOT I LOVE HIM U MUST READ THESE BOOKS! Firstly I do not understand how you can find a non- living character hot, possibly the actor whos going to play him in the movie but not exactly the character for he is FICTIONAL! I mean liking people who are real is sooooo last year! If I have to hear one more person say that to me about Edward I think my head is going to explode! They are two different books why cant people except that why is it always competiton? So many people in my school are reading Twilight right now and I still havent read it yet, but then next time I go to Walmart or something I think I'll buy it just to see what all the excitement and fangirling is about. 

In other fascinating news I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I read it when I first got it and finished it in 15 hours. So all those who knew I was reading it and I told you I wasnt going to be online until I finished it and that I wouldnt be reading your comments because you might spoil me so if you sent me spoiler stuff bwhahaha! 

As for the Half Blood Prince movie coming out, I cant believe they pushed the date back! I have seen all of the movies how dare they push the date back! That decision is just stupid in my opinion! There are probably like a billion people who feel the same way but still its not coming out till next year on July 17th! Whoever came up with that idea is on crack! 
twilight Pictures, Images and PhotosHarry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sorry :-(

So Im writing to say sorry to all the people keeping up with this blog (which is no one at the moment that I know of) for not writing lately.
First and foremost the reason why I havent wrote is becuz I threw my back out last Tuesday. I was getting ready for school and then I suddenly couldnt move so I called my mom whos like OKAY WE'LL GET U TO A DOCTOR! So my grandma drove over and took me to the hospital (driving like a maniac!) where I met my mom and dad. After I signed in to the ER 2 people asked me questions and took my temp and blah blah blah. They werent the funnest people ever. For example:
One a scale of 1 to 10 whats the pain
Me- 15
Her- The scale doesnt go up that high or is on the list. Please pick a different number
(rolling eyes)
Well then lets tell that to my back shall we? So after all of us were stuck in the waiting room for an hour and 45 minutes without anyone checking on me or anything my dad was super mad and he called the urgent care center where nobody was so me,my mom and dad drove there.
Im at the urgent care center and they checked for kidney infections and Xrays, come to find out I just pulled a huge muscle in my back and they gave me tylenol with kodene for the pain and let me tell you that stuff makes me very sleepy. So I basically slept until Friday when I went back to school and was invisable again.*

Changing subjects:
In choir class Friday (Halloween) we watched The Nightmare before Christmas. Let me tell you if you want to watch a disturbing movie watch that. The main character is the fruitiest bipolar person ever invented!

Lastly if Im not on for a while its because my AOL isnt working....again. But thanks for reading!

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

+Harry Potter+

So I just started reading the Harry Potter books in like the end of November. I am now reading the last and sadly the final book, The Deathly Hollows. Well today some girl who has already read the book starts babbling off the names of all the characters who die which really ticked me off! Thank god I wasn't really listening to her or else I would have probably murdered her! I read another chapter a few minutes ago and cried when one of the characters died though Im not going to tell u who in case you are one of the people who haven't read the series yet! The books may be long but they are really good and I do hope that someday you'll read them if you haven't already.

I can now understand why J.K. Rowling is the second richest woman in England. Her books are fantastic and she's an amazing author!
In case you are wondering, here's the list of the books I liked in order:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone- Sixth favorite. Sure, it introduced me into the Harry Potter world but honestly I thought some of the later books were better.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets- Fifth favorite
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban- First favorite! It actually introduces one of my favorite characters in the series.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire- Seventh Favorite.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix- Second Favorite. A lot of people say this one makes Harry seem emo which is kind of true considering a lot of kids have never been through the 'dark teenage years' but if you ignore Harry's constant emo-ness the story by itself is great and this is where a certain crazy death eater comes into place.
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince- Third favorite. Everything about this kept you on the edge of your chair while reading!
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Fourth Favorite but sadly the last book. =( I don't see Rowling making any new additions to the series, but we'll see.

I'm not sure who my favorite character is because I truly like most of them. Bellatrix is awesome, but I think I only like her because Helena Bonham Carter plays her in the movies. Hermione is the type of person I'd want to be. Luna is awesome and pretty quirky as well. Lupin is probably my favorite teacher, but I also really like Snape. Dumbledore is amazing and wise and whenever he appears you just know everything is going to be okay. Umbridge is horrible. Lucius is terrible. Draco's a snotty little brat. Voldemort's pretty sucky as well. That's all I have to say about this for now.

Have a nice day!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

School RANT!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this week was fun (major sarcasm). Lets see on Thursday I had this weird British sub teacher who was all like "Hurry children we musn't be late to my class! Tallyho!" And I'm pretty much getting ignored by all my teachers for reasons unknown! Here's how basically all of my classes went;
Me: Mr./Mrs. _______ I have a question
Teacher: *Just whistles and walks away.*

Then this Friday I was actually having a good day until POLITICS CLASS! Yeah so my teacher is all like READ ALOUD THE LAWS YOU WANT CHANGED AND WE WILL BE SENDING THEM TO THE SENATE .... or something like that. Yes, because the senate is going to have time to read through a bunch of laws a bunch of high schoolers in nowhereville Michigan want changed. It's not like they have anything better to do!

So I read my aloud and the two laws that I wanted to change which were the legalization of marijuana usage in hospitals and the right to bear arms. So after I read them some jerk in my class starts freaking out over how EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO USE AND GUN DURING HUNTING SEASON and some other stupidity and my teacher is all like ITS NOT YOUR LAW! (technically it's not MY law either, I'm just writing down these things for a grade.) so then this kid goes on a rampage about how he didnt say anything (which is true, he pretty much SCREAMED IT) and blah blah blah and to "just ignore it." So Im just like "No I would really like to hear your opinion on these issues so I can get another viewpoint." and he didnt  have anything to say after that so obviously hes an idiot.

But anyways after that we're typing our laws up on the computers in the library and I raise my hand to ask something;
Mr.__________ I have a question!
Me: Oh. okay....

5 minutes later he never comes back and helps me despite the fact that my hand was in the air. Whatever. I figured it out. Yeah too bad my school doesnt have atleast one teacher to help me when I need it but are always there when I understand everything! But I'm getting all A's so its good.

Im also in choir and we had a concert this Friday where we sang to the elementary students songs that were completely mellow and not jazzy. The most fun songs we had were ABBA and those really werent that fun and I doubt these kids have ever even heard of Abba let alone a Fernando before. But the day before the concert my teacher finds it to be a WISE idea to switch places with this one girl in the middle row (and Im in the front center because I'm only 4'11) and she never even gave me a reason as to why! Apparently she couldnt hear the girl who I switched places with so she switched us. I wouldnt really have minded so much if the girl wasnt like 5'7 and if I wasnt put next to the two worst singers in class who throw off my pitch but the concert I guess went alright. Maybe she just switched me because I was the only one she could hear in the front row which is doubtful.  I really don't know but there must be a reason for her doing that. Anyways I'm off to go get my dog from outside! See ya!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


So it has been raining since Friday. The town I live in is completely drenched with water and I don't live anywhere near an ocean or have any boat so this is actually very horrible considering today is SUNDAY!  I have soccer practice today at  6 until 7 and my dad just calls 10 minutes ago and goes HA HA I'LL SEE YOU IN A BIT AT PRACTICE! Man this did not make my mom happy at all! She used some very choice words about how stupid it was to have practice today and I cant say I blame her, although I do love my soccer people! Well I got to go considering I'm about ready to get pneumonia! Give me happy thoughts while I'm out there drenched and you are in your warm houses laughing at the idiots out in the down pore!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Celebration For ☆My Blog ☆

Hi there and welcome to my blog!

 I am actually a bit proud of myself to say the least considering I have always wanted to be a blogger but for some reason in the past whenever I joined a blogging website they got all techy on me and only ended up making me confused and want to throw pointy objects at my computer screen and that's never good. =(  However, blogspot seems to be doing quite well for me and I think that I shall stick with it until it tries to change. By the way, I'm sorry my background isn't top knotch yet but I'm hoping to work on that and make it not so 'blah.'

I basically started this blog as an outlet for myself and what's going on with me and the crazy people I am forced to deal with on a regular basis. I will probably get more ideas as I go along, so who knows exactly what this blog is going to be about? I haven't a clue yet. However, if anyone else wants to read it I won't complain. =)

Whoever out there in the cyberverse is reading this, I'd like to thank you. Until I write my next blog, see ya!