Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blood :-O

This Tuesday my school did a blood drive and people kept asking me why I was unable to give blood. I have 2 reasons:
1. I'm anemic. I have low blood count
2. I have to get my blood drawn on Thursday, I cannot do it unless I am really,really stupid.

So me and my parents go to the hospital for my asthma/type 1 diabetes/ etc and I had to get my blood drawn. This girl who did it was not nice! I usually get the same person to draw my blood every single time because I know she does good but because she wasnt there I get stuck with a teenager who probably just got out of college. I ask her if she has drawn blood before and she gives me an evil look without responding then jabs the needle into my arm! And not only did she do that but she drew out around 2 gallons of blood, making me ALMOST pass out, my dad had to hold me up when I left the blood drawing room. Needless to say I wasn't really feeling that spify that day or Friday. I still think I am dizzy from it but its probably just in my mind. Then I find out that the doctors only needed around a pint or so! 
The sad thing about this is that this wasn't my first blood drawing mishap. 

This happened about 2 years ago,
I go into the blood drawing room and then a new phlebotomist  walks up to me and says my name very loudly for all to hear.
Me: Yes?
Her: Time to get your blood drawn?
Me: Okay....
Her: (getting needle out) This is my first day here 
Me: O_____________O
Her: Okay now here we go...
Me: WAIT! You have to rub alcohal on the bendy part my arm first and then tie a plastic tie thing around it!
Her: Oops! I'm always forgetting that part HAHAHAHA!(as shes doing that...)
Me: So how many patients have you done so far?
Her: Oh you're my first one! 
Me: O___________O :-0
Her: HERE WE GO (stabs arm waits for like a minute before the needle goes out!)
Me: (in very much pain) Put a cotton ball on it, my arms bleeding!
Her: Well I didnt get a vein so now we'll just have to do it again (stabs the same arm 5 seconds after that! Me,about screaming bloody murder!) There we go all finished!
Me: Please. GIVE...ME....A... BAND AID....
Her: I'm going to have to go ask someone where the cotton balls and bandaids are hang on a second!
Me: (holding my arms so I don't lose too much blood!) 
Her: Here ya go a Scooby Doo band-aid (yeah that makes it much better lady thanks!)
I am pretty sure this lady got fired because I havent seen her since! And I don't go to one of those loopy kind of hospitals, its actually very nice, incase anyone was wondering.

Giving blood is a good thing to do, it helps a lot of people but two of my tips when doing it:
1. Get someone who knows what they are doing
2. If you are anemic,1 pint of blood is enough!

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