Friday, December 5, 2008

New Classes- YAY

So I meant to post this a while back, sorry for the lateness. So I got put into my new classes this week (YAY!). But of course there's bad news to go along with it: 
I have 2 classes I cannot stand! Those being-

Life After H.S.- UGH! Whoever names a class Life After H.S. just needs to not exist. The name just irritates me. Why not just call it life after graduation or consumer economics part II.

Sci-Fi- Fantasy- Seriously what is this? People are so stupid if they think the students will actually learn anything important and informative in this class.

But anyways let me explain whats so lame about the two classes.
LAHS- So I walk into the classroom and sit in the back with one of my friends. He starts yelling at us right off the bat and goes : THERE ARE SEATS HERE UP FRONT MOVE! So we did. Then he goes around the room asking what we plan on doing after high school. So heres what I say:
I plan on going to a community college and get my basics then major in theatre.
Then he starts spazzing out on me and says:
Me: I don't think its foolish.
So then he spazzes out on me again for about 5 more minutes which I stopped paying attention to after the 3 seconds he started. Then he goes:
To get him out of my face I say: I plan to go into teaching.
Me: Um why not? You're doing it right now (and not very well might I add!)
Him: TEACHING TAKES YEARS OF COLLEGE TO DO! BLAH BLAH BLAH! (he finally walks away. If teaching takes years of college then why is he here?)
Apparently being a costume designer and a journalist is also not a SUITABLE CAREER CHOICE! Yet a football player states that they will be an NBA star and get a thumbs up. Yeah THAT IS A GREAT CAREER CHOICE! Too bad my school loses every basketball game they play!
Moving on.........
SCI_FI_FANTASY- Oh my gosh whoever hired this whack job is an idiot. I swear he got out of the wacky shack. Okay lets review the class shall we:
RULE ONE: ALIENS ARE REAL- ha ha. I gave this statement a very odd look like this =-O, but they are real let me tell you! I mean UFOS AND CIRCLES IN FIELDS! No. Just no. They are NOT real!!! Stop the lies! Oh and we must write notes down to help us understand as stated in class rules #'s 1-20, aliens being real number 1 of course but what else could possibly be that number?!
Then on top of all that 3 trekkie fans are in that class and they try to talk to me which is quite unusual....
Hopefully I can switch those 2 classes!

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