Friday, December 12, 2008

Grr My school is so LAME!

So I talk to the counselor this morning stating that I want to get out of my Sci-Fi class and of course I am still in it now! I have some stories before we get into the whole counselor thing about that class!

Day 1- Talks about how aliens are real and how we will all be reading sci- fi work by one author. 

Day 2- We write down something pointless about this author after reading a 10 page packet interview on him and my teacher goes up to my desk and says: YOU HAVE POOR WRITING SKILLS AND DON'T HAVE THE INNER EYE. Um okay? We'll go with that! Thank you wannabe Trelawney! 

Day 3- We read a pointless story about a creature of space. Too bad nobody cares about this!

Day 4- Teacher goes up to me again and tells me I still don't have the inner eye..... I give him a thumbs up and an odd facial expression of which I don't think he caught onto.

Day 5- He talks about aliens and lectures. I draw a pretty picture of a house and bunnys and other random things! I've tried to like this class but its so, I can't even explain!

But besides that let us get back to my counselor...
Me: I would like to drop out of sci- fi class.
Her: HERES THE DEAL. I CAN'T DO THAT. THE ONLY OTHER CLASS AVAILABLE IS ANIMAL DISSECTING CLASS (it has another name but i forgot what it is. I can't dissect animals without hating myself so that is not going to happen.)
Me: Well I don't have anything else to take. Can I just help you out in the office for an hour or so, or do an independent study?
Her: No the curriculum says we can't do that anymore
Me: You'll have to make an exception for there are no classes for me to take. I have all my credits to graduate. I'd like to learn something my senior year
Her: Well you have to stay in that class. Think of this as a class of fun not for learning.
Me: There are so many people in the class I cant concentrate! (Not true but she did not need to know this)
Her: Have you talked to the teacher about it?
Me: Um no. (For if I talked to him he would probably ramble on about Star Wars or something or aliens!) But sci- fi isn't really my thing.
Her: There's nothing I can do. Be open minded BYE! 
So she shuts her office door after pushing me out of it. This caused me to be very angered and did not solve any problems what so ever!

Then I go to my drama class and get put in a group for a skit with a bunch of freshmen and I can deal with that. So without reading the script they just call out whatever parts they want to be and I get stuck with a character who has 9 lines, most consisting of one word answers. So I tell them this and how I would like it if I could have a larger part if that is ok with them and some asshat of a blonde girl in my group goes:

Thanks for your kind words. I shall remember them when I drop a house on you.

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