Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Time

So sorry for the lack of updates but its not like anyone reads this blog anyways. But it doesn't matter because  I like blogging.

If anyone out there is reading this I must say HAPPY BE-LATED NEW YEAR! 
This year on new years it wasn't much different from the previous ones, my best friend came over and hung out like she does every year, and because it was only 10 or so degrees outside we stayed inside my house and watched childrens television shows and made pizza and ate that along with popcorn and veggies and I drank a ton of water for some reason. It was really fun.

So we watched the ball drop and tried to understand what Dick Clark was saying after the horrendous music performance by the Jonas Brothers. We failed at trying to understand Clark and  fell asleep. Lovely story huh? Not really much of a blog post but I felt the need to write something on here!
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