Saturday, January 31, 2009


So every so often I do tend to get emails on AOL and Yahoo. No one really ever emails me except my friends. I hardly ever get Instant messages from anyone and when I do I am usually the one who sends then. But today some random dude im'd me and I had absolutely no idea who it was.  I made sure that my email and IM were set to private so who in the world could be iming me that I do not know.? So I ask this dude who he was TWICE and the response I got was "You should be my girlfriend. You're hot! I would >do unnecessary things to your body< My name is Kyle!" 
... NO. Not feeling the relationship Kyle. I blocked the creep.

 First off I don't know anyone named Kyle and secondly how does he even know what I look like! I make a point to not post my pics on the internet because of creepo's like him! And since when do people start becoming boyfriend and girlfriend on the internet! Sure there's eharmony and what not but how does saying Hello automatically lead to a relationship! A lot of people on the internet are really nice though I have met a ton of cool people, but its people like him where I begin questioning others out in the world. No wonder they made To Catch a Predator! Thank god he talked to me though instead of a 10 year old is all I can say. So incase you are reading this Kyle, no I have no intentions of ever being  your girlfriend, I dont even know you and plan to get a restraining order if I ever come in contact with you, and my advice to you is to stop being a pedophile and get a job that requires you to interact with others in a normal fashion!

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