Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Appreciation For Me

For some reason the past 3 days I've been feeling really unappreciated, not that I would admit that to anyone outside the computer world. 

Seriously I always try to be the best I can be and do the best I can with everything and try to help others but it seems like lately I just haven't been getting appreciated. I know I sound like a stuck up angsty loser right now but if you went to my school or lived where I do you still probably wouldn't understand. But that's alright!  Some examples:

1. I go to a choir concert with only 5 people out of the 60 that are in my class I had to sing a solo for someone who wasn't there, yeah I love to sing but I'm not going to lie and say I am the best. The teachers reaction to my singing? I AM SO UPSET MARISSA DIDN'T SHOW UP! SHES GETTING MARKED DOWN A GRADE! Like I said I'm not horrible, I just need more practice! It's not like I sounded like this guy or anything;

2. I am the only one in my entire drama class who has a clue what they are doing and I get put in a group with a bunch of drug addicts who dont do anything! So I wrote the script as my group does nothing except talk about all the guys they just F$#&*^! Then one of the girls after I write the script goes: WELL I THINK THIS SKIT SHOULD BE ABOUT A PARTY! AND I WANT MY NAME CHANGED OH AND YOU (POINTS TO ME) ARE GOING TO HAVE A SEIZURE DURING THE PARTY AND ME AND MY BEST FRIEND RIGHT HERE ARE GOING TO MAKE FUN OF YOU! Yeah how about you die?

3. I have done so many things for my mom lately its not even funny. But alls she has done is yelled at me about how much more I could be doing and how I am a waste of her life.

4. I make a point to see my evil grandma everyday but alls she has done is start screaming about how I should be more social and be more like the people who go to my school. Sorry to disappoint you but that last part is not going to happen. Ever.

5. I always get the worst journalism stories even if I star the ones I want. So I put like 50 stars on the story of New Years Resolutions and what do I get? Sports. Winter Sports. Then I get told that I'm a horrible writer. Kids at my school are so nice when it comes to boosting your self esteem.

6. So I have to get quotes from some basketball players and because we never win any games I just ask some kids who play basketball in my english class to give me a quote. First off I could have just went up to the captains of the teams and asked but I chose to get an inside view for the story. And alls the team has to say is NO COMMENT and then this one kid has a really good quote and I wrote it down but he doesn't want it in the paper. Too bad. You say it out loud I like it, I'm desperate right now, you're going in the freaking paper! 

I could probably write a whole bunch of other things about how I'm unappreciated but that may bring me to saying some things that would get me kicked off So for now, your challenge for the day is to compliment someone and tell them how much you appreciate what they are doing, I don't care if its your mom or your dad or your best friend Britania get off your butts and go tell them that, NOW!

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