Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Drama Drama Drama or Acting Theatre Acting

In my drama class for a skit I got put into a group of freshmen, no big deal right? Well this blonde girl who over-plucks her eyebrows and always covers up her zits with concealer in the bathroom and is just not a very nice person got put in my group as well. The first words out of her mouth to me were "I HATE YOU. YOU'RE NOT THAT GOOD AT ACTING AND I CAN'T STAND YOU."

Alright? I always try to make a point of being nice to people even those who are rude like she was to me the very first day. So the weeks go on and she is still continuing to be rude to me! She thought that she could boss me around despite the fact that I am about 5 years older than her and is considered cool by people in my class. No, you are not going to continue to boss me around blondey, I was born before you and theatre is my thing, not yours.

  My group was totally un-prepared to perform our skit and this one kid who had 3, count them, 3 lines to memorize didn't have them down yet and when I tried to be all nice to him about how he needs to participate so he doesn't fail he throws his script in my face. Maybe next time I should just tackle him to the floor and tape his eyelids open until he memorizes his THREE LINES! 

Then 2 days before we were supposed to perform the skits in front of the class a girl who was in another group switched schools so my teacher had me memorize my lines for that girl PLUS keep my group in order! It was a pain and although barely anyone in my class had their lines down except for me (I sound so conceited... :-( ) I think we did alrightish. Always room for improvement though. Right now I'm in another group who does nothing except talk about their party life. I love acting, but it can be hard working with people like this and not lose your mind.

Steele High School Theater Auditorium Pictures, Images and Photos
^ This is not my school theatre fyi. I just liked the picture. 

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