Sunday, February 1, 2009


I am so very stressed right now. 

Tomorrow is basically going to be a horrible day for me considering in my LAHS class my teacher is making us all do job interviews and asking us questions aloud and I don't want to sound incredibly lame when answering! There are so many kids in that class and during school I just hate to have everyone's eyes on me when I answer a question, especially if I don't know! So that is one reason why I'm stressed.

The other is that I had so much homework to get completed this weekend which includes:
DRAMA- Memorize lines (like anyone else is going to memorize theirs... >_<) and the evil sub lady is grading us on it which is going to suck because she hates me.

English- The class is still on the book 1984 and I already completed the book and it is an epic fail. But for class I had to finish a 12 page packet on the book, answer a question about one of the tiny little minor characters and draw a picture about Winstons golden country.
Ugh! I just wanted to shoot my brains out doing all that! 

Then in my sci-fi class I had to make an outline of what my sci-fi story is going to be about which is worth 25 points, and I have to start writing my story which is due at the end of the trimester. Yes, TRImester. Semesters are so 2007! Lol.

Then on top of all that my puppy's leg is hurting and I get to find out what role I got for Hamlet tomorrow, (which I've been super nervous about all week!) So whoever is out there please pray for me and also my puppy and if you are the non- religious type keep me in your thoughts. Thank you.

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