Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hey everyone!
I know I havent wrote on this site for awhile but that is only because I've been super busy lately. Expect a lot of blog entries tomorrow considering I am writing this at 9:00 pm right now.

First off I got my hair trimmed and my eyebrows waxed today by my hairdressers daughter who is super cool. I think my hair looks really good and I am really happy with it. I am still contemplating if I should get my hair dyed or not, its still up for debate between myself and my miiiind. Then I went to Wendy's and ordered chicken nuggets and french fries along with a small frosty. My mom started giving me odd stares when I put my french fries in my frosty but I swear it is good, you should try it! c\'mon, you know you do... Pictures, Images and Photos<<<<<<<<<<<< So true. I love whoever made this!

But I'm guessing none of you really care about this am I right? More entries coming soon!

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