Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sorry :-(

So Im writing to say sorry to all the people keeping up with this blog (which is no one at the moment that I know of) for not writing lately.
First and foremost the reason why I havent wrote is becuz I threw my back out last Tuesday. I was getting ready for school and then I suddenly couldnt move so I called my mom whos like OKAY WE'LL GET U TO A DOCTOR! So my grandma drove over and took me to the hospital (driving like a maniac!) where I met my mom and dad. After I signed in to the ER 2 people asked me questions and took my temp and blah blah blah. They werent the funnest people ever. For example:
One a scale of 1 to 10 whats the pain
Me- 15
Her- The scale doesnt go up that high or is on the list. Please pick a different number
(rolling eyes)
Well then lets tell that to my back shall we? So after all of us were stuck in the waiting room for an hour and 45 minutes without anyone checking on me or anything my dad was super mad and he called the urgent care center where nobody was so me,my mom and dad drove there.
Im at the urgent care center and they checked for kidney infections and Xrays, come to find out I just pulled a huge muscle in my back and they gave me tylenol with kodene for the pain and let me tell you that stuff makes me very sleepy. So I basically slept until Friday when I went back to school and was invisable again.*

Changing subjects:
In choir class Friday (Halloween) we watched The Nightmare before Christmas. Let me tell you if you want to watch a disturbing movie watch that. The main character is the fruitiest bipolar person ever invented!

Lastly if Im not on for a while its because my AOL isnt working....again. But thanks for reading!

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