Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Why do my blogs sometimes fail to publish? That is not cool nor hip in the least!!! =P

Anyways today I started my philosophy class and let me just say that if anything it will be interesting. My teacher is a complete nut case who reminds me of one of those guys you tried never to associate with in high school for a good reason.

As soon as me and these two other girls walked into class and sat down at 8:50 today Mr. Teacher-Professor dude starts being OCD and touching all of the things at his desk three times. Now I'm sure everyone has some type of OCD but he handled his pretty poorly. After waiting about 5 more minutes for the rest of the class to show up he starts off his lecture by telling us that "Tardiness is UNACCEPTABLE on any account." Oh ok then, good thing the 18 out of the 23 of us here showed up on time to hear these words of wisdom that do not apply to us!

He then proceeds to hand out the syllabus and for the next hour or so explain it while arguing with some man in my class about history and God. This guy behind me had an opinion about EVERYTHING from the color red to religion to politics. I may have to throw a punch at him if he continues having opinions for the next month and a half. Opinions that nobody wants to know and nobody cares about unless you are the nut job of a teacher who wants to "start a rousing philosophical debate with our emotions." Seriously dude sitting behind me, it is syllabus day, please stop your annoying words and making Mr.Teacher man talk, we are not even halfway through the class yet!

After Mr. Opinion was finished talking for the next few minutes the teacher tells us that "he doesn't believe in the healthcare system" and that "all sickness can be cured with a healthy lifestyle." Yeah, please tell that to the victim of a gunshot wound through the face, I'm sure they would love to hear that as they are bleeding to death!!!  This was then followed by some other guy who was playing games on his computer sitting diagonally 2 seats in front of me to yell out that he has MRSA. Good thing to know, I shall now avoid you like the plague considering I do not wish to have this incurable disease!!!

Another good thing about my teacher, he is 63 years old! Take note of that for if anyone ever takes his class he will probably tell you this 50 times through lecture along with how he is a Vietnam War veteran. What I found particularly funny today is that another guy who is 36 years old also claimed that he fought for Vietnam. Pretty sure he is either crazy or a bit behind the times. If you are younger than my dad who is 50 something, you did not fight in the Vietnam War. End of story. 

Also these are the rules for his class:
1. Respect others opinions- No.
2. Communicate Participate- Rhymy rhyme time!
3. Express feelings through your eyes - X_O
4. Be willing to learn!!!- Haha, no fool I payed money for this class to sit here for two hours and not learn! But it does seem like that might be the case.

Overall I am sure that this class is going to be a waste of my time, but you can use notes for quizzes and exams so maybe I can get out of there with an A or B if I use my notes and drink a ton of caffeine and chew gum throughout all of his lectures. 

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