Friday, November 15, 2013

Thinking Thoughts

Today my aunt came over to our house asking my mom if we had any eggs because she was making a cake. My mom gave her the eggs and then  she starts zeroing in on me about how it's weird for people of 22 years of age to not have ever had a boyfriend. Yeah, because that's my fault and this is really a conversation one should have while borrowing another persons eggs.
Once she left I started asking myself this question and I finally have an answer! My dear aunty, the reason I don't have a boyfriend is because these are the types of guys I get to choose from! These are taken from the Facebook's of practically every guy I know or have known in the past:

I love to fish and i love to hunt but i love gettin laid in the bed of my truck
Well up since 6 to excited about my booze and bow hunting filled weeken
We dot care we're driving Cadillacs in our dreams
After that im done watching time for zombies
Well the ol 7.3 has brakes again now time for it to give it a bath
My long hair cant cover up my redneck
believe me.. ill be in that beaver in no time.
Tbh...I don't know u that well but us look like a country boy which is def a bonus and you seem cool.
My day off... Partied all night nd up sense 7:30, work you mess up head!!
! I got to see my broosky at court bitches set him up but who cares he got  amazing deal and is getting out wayyyy earl than expected. 
Hittin' a lick while updating my facebook status....
Couple Brews and a few country tunes.
i fell out of my tree stand tonight and all i did was torn my sentlock coat. 
Bow fishin last night — -
Cc crash bow wow
like ms and be fallowing me 
>Insert picture of them drinking, smoking, or a deer head< 

Thankfully none of these past acquaintances are on my friends list, they are still past acquaintances though and are basically the kind of people I run into 24/7 which is really sad. Why are these people all country or act like they are from the hood? And why are all the other guys I didn't list who spell their words correctly such horrible people?
 All in all though, every single one of my guy friends on Facebook are married (and I'm also usually friends with their wife), have a long time girlfriend, are gay, have a child, or have succeeded in getting their fiance pregnant but they are all super nice and awesome and don't say things like "huntin for deer and then goin boozering with my homies!" Not to say that one should only date the people who have a facebook, that is idiotic. A lot of the people I know don't believe in social networking and they are some of the sweetest people ever.

But as for the having no boyfriend thing, I honestly don't care. This is just something random I was thinking about, I always have to think about things whenever my aunt speaks to me. I swear she does this stuff on purpose. But people should be perfectly fine being single, I've been single for 23 years and I'm still living. If you live you are doing good. 

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