Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Traveler Came Travelling

I have no idea why I was just thinking about this but let's just say some time traveling spacemen landed on our planet right now, in the year of 2013. Can you imagine how freaking confused they would be? Then again a lot of people who are released from prison tend to be confused by our world changes and technology which is actually quite sad when you truly think about it. Or maybe I've just seen The Shawshank Redemption too many times.

 But if you were a time traveler from let's say 1802 you would not be able to understand the language in this day and age especially if you came in contact with some teenagers and I think that this would lead to some interesting conversations!

'Lol, I got kicked out of class, SWAG.
Just made some sgetti.' YOLO.
That is cray cray!
Haters are my motivators.
I'm a Belieber!
I'm a Directioner!
I bought a TARDIS dress today!
Taking a selfie for my Instagram!
You mad bro?
A new episode of American Horror Story comes on tonight!
Soooo over it. 
You're looking sassy today lady pie! Sassy you be! SASS.
Look at this Meme!
You need to chillax
IDK. (The letters. Not I don't know, only the letters.)

Not to say that everyone says these things. Because there are always kids who don't participate in the fads. Those people will go on to do good things like write books. Or maybe they'll become drug pushers, you never know.I can just imagine some crazy scenario happening with this. Those are my thoughts for the day. Now everyone out there in the universe knows that I am capable of having random thoughts on a daily basis.

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