Sunday, October 6, 2013

Email of the Day. Plus Idiots on Facebook Round 5!

As you all have been informed of in my last post, I have to do a group project in my biology class on osmosis. Fun times. On Wednesday the condescending lady told me that she doesn't care about the project because she's going to withdraw in December.

For real  lady? Why don't you just withdraw now and save me the time of not having to strangle you? But oh no, that would be too convenient for me! I even asked why she's waiting for December and her response was that she wasn't sure if her withdrawing would be an F because although she didn't pay for her non-folderized book out of pocket, she is not sure if she has financial aid or not. I learned this semester that if you have financial aid and withdraw, your grade automatically results in an F. But please, stay in the class. It's always good to make others (basically me)  fail because you aren't sure about your financial support. "If I fail you fail" is a great motto to live by.

In my project, I will try to convince my people my view on what I thought by reading the title was the main point and views based on individual opinion. I believe these particular thoughts because I had formed an opinion based on my history of being curious of those who have.

Take note, this is a GROUP PROJECT so all of her uses of my,I, and me make her seem completely self absorbed. Which she truly is but as I must point out again this is a GROUP PROJECT aka TEAM EFFORT as in EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE INCLUDED.

This is also supposed to be our groups hypothesis. How does this include anything about osmosis in any way, shape, or form? I don't understaaaaand!!!

As for a different topic I have been on Facebook recently and felt that it was time for another round of Idiots on Facebook. This is how the game goes;
Basically I go on someones profile on Facebook and if their status is horribly non-sensible I will copy and paste their status right here. There is only one way to not get involved with this game; make your profile private or type like a normal human being. If you choose not to follow these rules you are fair game.

"No sleep godly."- This young man was unable to get any sleep because God did not allow him a restful slumber. Hallelujah! 

People call me stupid but that only cuz I have SWAG. - If you are a person who uses the word swag you deserve to be called stupid because swag is a stupid word that was made popular by a horrible brat of a singer who thinks the world revolves around him. 

Imy guys hope yur all doing well ily! U all amazon!- What in the world does IMY stand for? By the way your should never be spelt as 'yur' or 'yer.' And am I the only one that believes ily is a silly way to say I love you? Ily sounds like a persons nickname in a fantasy novel that you can buy off which now also sells people. 

i love boobs. do you? like my status if you love boobs.- Why? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY? Why? Why would you make a status that asks this, especially when you're a girl? Ugh. Headaches. You give me headaches!!!

My girlfriend just called me && had to go to the bathroom && she walked into the Men's bathroom.- NO WAY. What a historical event! &&&&&&&&&&. 

I knew something bad was gonna happen especially when day u f***ed with only wanted to chill wit em to get high. U knew it. guess its better ur theie now. But ill keeo updated on u.- This guy must be related to my project partner. Obviously something bad is bound to happen when you only hang out with people to get high. Silly children. 

So turnin myself in to the jail iin the mornin to start my prison sentence hopefully soon afterwards wish me luck ill b home sooner or later.- This would be the same guy. See? Bad things do happen when you get high. Don't do drugs kids. 

Working on cold hearted moves  she does to me.- This sounds like it could be a song. Ah. There we go. Pretty sure most of those lyrics are wrong Mr. Facebooker. 

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