Monday, September 30, 2013

Biology And Group Projects

It is 4:32 am here at the moment. I am sitting here drinking lemonade Crystal Light, watching YouTube videos, and of course writing this blog entry. In all honesty I can't sleep after the night I had.

In class today the kids kept asking the teacher to go back on the PowerPoint. They all need to start realizing that when they do that the teacher goes even faster to try and cover all the information in the one and a half hours we have. So I decided it would be smart to inform them all that they can read the list of things on the Powerpoint on page 271 of our book. That was obviously a mistake considering the condescending lady who sits next to me then said that I didn't need to be such a smart@ss b**ch about the whole thing. Well excuuussse me, princess!!  I THOUGHT I WAS DOING EVERYONE A FAVOR.

After class we had lab and in order for me and condescending lady to complete the lab I had to go weigh something on a really scale. I asked this lady to finish reading the directions then fill up 4 tubes with the water that was in a jar at our table. Easy enough right? Not for her! I'm weighing the thing on the scale when she comes over and this is how everything went down;
Her: We need stock solution for this. (*fills one tube with stock solution.)
Me: NO! I gave you one job! ONE. Read the freaking instructions then fill a tube with WATER. You have done neither. I dislike you greatly. It's not that much of a daunting task to read directions. I leave for 2 seconds to weigh something and you almost completely screw over our experiment! But no, let's not do the experiment the way it's supposed to be done, let's yell at me about how I don't know what I'm talking about, make me stop what I'm doing so I can show you the directions you were supposed to read that are written in the book. These directions show you that I'm right! *Head desk, head desk, head desk.*
Oh and when you're yelling at me I would prefer if you spoke English!
Her: "Ain't no book tell bout wader' in solution."
Her: I be tellin' you right now stock sol. is what we need be usin.'
Me: NO IT'S NOT! If you were paying any sort of attention you would be aware that we already did that part 10 minutes ago!
Her: Fine. You go show me in book where says wader. I don't see no wader solution in da book. You ain't right.
Her: Then why you not show me where you right bout this? Ya know what do the wadder part yourself you know so much!
Me: Ok I will!

And I did. And I did it correctly. Then my teacher lectured me for "taking over" and not including the condescending lady in our experiment. Because that's a fair judgement to make.

Then about 5 minutes before class let's out I find out a jolly fact that I have to do a group project/presentation with this lady and the wheelchair guy. I can see this going badly. I'll come up with an acceptable idea and I can already hear her saying; "YOUR dea' aint not good as my dea'!" I'm supposed to graduate after this class. If I listened to anything she said I'd be totally screwed. I really do not want to work with these people. Group projects. More like let me snap everyone's neck to the left in a fast motion.

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