Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cupcakes Are Made and Class Has Started

I'm sure you all have realized this but I have obviously not been on here in quite some time. Apologies and cupcakes to all!

However college has started back up again and because this is the last class I ever have to take I feel that it would be a good idea to focus mainly on studying at this moment in time so I can go on to do bigger and better things. But just so everyone knows, to make everything clear, I'm not dead. If you thought I was dead you were wrong.

But I am taking biology. OooooO
To get everyone up to speed, here is how my class has been;
The first day when I got to biology I got yelled at by my teacher for being late, outside the classroom even though it was 5:20 and the class doesn't start until 5:30. Nice. My classroom has about 48 kids in it and only a few of them have left since day number one. The kids who left only did because my teacher said;
"IF you are majoring in biology, you need to leave this room now and join Biology 102!!!!!!"  and practically scared them all off. But it made sense to do that considering when you signed up for this class it stated at least 15 times how you should not be taking this if you are majoring in biology. Twits. But after the first day the teacher has been extremely nice and has even given everyone a chance to take a retest because according to her, about 85% of  the class did not do very well and that percentage probably includes me. Hooray retests!

Then there are the people in my class. I am THIS CLOSE to snapping. On Mondays I have lab which lasts from 7-9. Class is from 5:30-7. The teacher put me in a lab group with a guy in a wheelchair and a condescending lady who is ALWAYS right. That is extreme sarcasm. She knows absolutely nothing! And they argue with each other constantly and neither of them know what they are talking about when it comes to any topic in life or about science! Example;
Lady: Man H20 is carbon.
Guy: WTH sista! H20 is most definitely NOT carbon. It's helium!
Lady: Yo let me tell you why H20 is carbon brotha!
*they both start yelling at each other about their wrongness leaving me to do all the work myself, meaning we are always the last ones out of lab.*

Not only do these two think they are my best friends ever since lab, but they think its fun to sit by me in class now as well! NO.

Usually they sit next to me but today I was in the middle of them throughout the entire class period! UGH.
"But why don't you not like these kind village folk?" you may ask. Here are my many reasons!

1. They think that just because I look 13 years old they can boss me around. That does not work for me.
Last Wednesday the 40 year old guy in the wheelchair told me that after class I would be driving him to Red Lobster. HAHAHAHA. I don't think so. And the sad thing about this was that I wasn't even the first one he tried to do this to! Here is how the entire conversation went
Him: What you doing after class?
Me: Going home.
Him: You's got a car
Me: Yes.
Him: You're spoiled! (This isn't the first time this guy has said that I'm spoiled, which I don't understand. By his standards living in a house makes me spoiled. Right.)
Me: It's not really my car, me and my mom actually share one. (Why am I trying to explain myself to this idiot?)
Him: Dats cool. You taking me to Red Lobster right now.
Me: WHAT?!?!?
Him: You heard me.
Me: My moms picking me up today.
Him: She can drive us to Red Lobster. (Like hell that was going to happen.)
Me:  No. I have stuff to do. Bye.

I have only been in class with this guy for 5 days and he has now earned a 95 on the creep-o-meter. And I doubt if he was going to pay for the lobster or the biscuits or whatever else you can get from Red Lobster. Truth be told, I've only ever been there once in my life so I'm not very familiar with the menu.

But is this a new thing in today's day and age? The whole "Let's tell people what they're going to do so I can get what I want" thing. Because I don't like this one bit. You will not score that way you little mooncalf! I also don't like the fact that a 40 year old man was asking me for a ride to Red Lobster, but that's a different matter we won't get into today.

Then on the same day the 40 year old condescending lady tells me to go print her paper. Seriously. Not a "Hey do you have a second to do this?" or "Can you do me a favor?" just "Go print my paper." I'm sorry, but are your legs broken? Is that the reason you cannot walk down to the library? Or is your finger fractured so that you are unable to hit the print button? No? Then do it yourself. Lazy girl. I don't care if you're 4 or 40 nobody should think they have the power to boss me around or do their biding, because they don't.

This condescending lady is also irritating in the way that she talks to herself during class! Everyone will be writing like some crazed maniac and she'll just sit there reading the sentences aloud while writing them down. Or she'll say that "she don't understand this" as if I can solve that problem! She also told me that I write too fast, and I kind of have to because the nitwits in my class who keep telling our teacher to "go back" on the power point and have yet to learn that she goes 1000 miles faster on every other slide when you ask that! STOP ASKING HER TO GO BACK ON THE POWER POINT!

On Monday we had to take a test in this class. And you know what makes taking a test an absolute funtastic time? Sitting next to the condescending lady who fakes hyperventilating then continues mumbling how "I ain't know that answer" while tapping her pencil and looking over at my test for the answers. She even asked me once for the answers, who does that? Too bad our teacher handed out a different test to every other student you naive simpleton.

Then today the wheelchair guy asked me why I was using a marker to take notes with. I have been taking notes with a marker for days now. DAYS. It helps me write faster...
But apparently that's not a good reason because he then laughs, throws my marker on the ground and says that "All normal people use pens," and hands me a pen. I should have slapped him. But because I'm not Scarlett O' Hara I settled for calmly picking up my marker and continuing to write.

Everyone else in the class is fine with the exception of a few people who always speak up about their medical problems like "My doctor said I have acid reflex. Is that the same as polyprotic acid?" Yes. Yes it is. Sit down. But questions and statements like this are made every class period. Our teacher is not a doctor and I'm sure she could care less about your medical problems.

Hopefully I'll be able to blog more in the coming months!  I’ve got a few posts in the works so expect some more activity very soon. 

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