Sunday, September 8, 2013

Women. Opinions. Wrongness.

I usually don't like to rag on people, especially acting companies or people in the performing arts because that is unprofessional and makes me look bad and would make me look even worse if someone I know in one of those areas happened to find my blog.

However I must get something out there that I have been holding in since I was cut from Sweeney Todd; that theatre company is completely bogus and if you aren't a certain person (specifically a certain person who's always cast, and only about 12 of the same people are cast in each production) and want to learn something I recommend staying away from this company. That's right, it's BAD REVIEW time.

Essentially this "theatre company" has their cast already decided before the auditions. I didn't go to the audition for the play despite the fact that I am absolutely in love with the book and could have easily nailed the lead character (Miss Jo) because the character is pretty much me in real life. This was the play in case you are curious;

But because I have been to this theatre and am aware of their bullshit ways I decided to audition for my colleges play. I won't be getting cast in that but at least I had a fair shot. However the announcement for L.W.  came out first and being a naturally curious person  I read half of the script beforehand. I didn't particularly care for it considering most of the scenes had absolutely nothing to do with, and were unrelated to anything in the book. And they left Freidrich out! Who is Jo supposed to marry? Laurie? Then what about Amy, did Jo just kill her after she burned her manuscripts? Ah. So much wrongness in so many pages. I hope someone in power points that little detail out.

But another way we can go about bad reviews is by just looking at the cast list and seeing no new name! I predicted who was going to get cast the day I heard of this and by jove I got most of them right. The girl playing Lovett is playing Jo. What a big shocker there. Oh wait, no it's not considering she plays the lead in every show just because the piano guy (the stage manager for this production) is banging her mom. True statement.

Like I said, I don't like writing stuff like this because it just makes me sound like a judgmental crazy actress jerk, but it's difficult for me to just sit here and say nothing when I don't agree with what is happening with this. In the theatre, the area we all live close by to or in only has a select few opportunities to perform and pushing people out without a second thought and without truly looking at anyone's talent besides the people you closely know makes me upset in so many ways. That is why I'm writing this, not because I'm jealous, but because I simply cannot NOT write about something which I feel is wrong and if nobody speaks up about something they don't like, then how can a change happen?

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