Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Disappearance and Neighbors

I apologize for my lack of blog posts on here lately. For some reason I have been distracted with writing a story so much that I tended to forget to blog on here but just know that I am thinking of what few readers I have and wish very good things to come your way! I think the problem that I am having when it comes to me finishing or even starting a story is the fact that I want to add so many characters and add so many different things and write so many different words that it can be hard to gather all of my ideas together and have them come out in a not so terrible way. The last thing I would ever want to write is a fanfiction based on some vampire novel. I am hoping that the thesaurus I ordered will be arriving very soon as well. I'm hoping it will give me more ideas for word usage.

In other non-related news about my life, I may have to strangle my neighbors. Again.
Now my neighbors own a red car. I've seen them driving their stupid red car. Imagine my shock when said red car is parked directly in front of my driveway this afternoon which they know clearly does not belong there.
So I go over to their house, knock on the door, then ask them to move their stupid red car. The guy I spoke to thought it would be a barrel of giggles if they played stupid with me.
"What car?" the guy asked
"The red one that is parked in front of my driveway at this very moment."
"Not our car."
"You do realize that my driveway is not a parking garage and you could get into serious legal trouble if the car remains where it is at."
"IT IS NOT OUR CAR! Parlez Vous no Anglais."
I was completely dumbfounded at this point. For this guy was certainly NOT French. The French would frown upon my neighbors mere existence!
So being the nice person that I am I responded as such;
"Oh alright. I'm calling a tow truck."
So I look out my window three minutes later and the car seemed to have vanished into thin air! Or someone came and moved it. Hmm I wonder who that could have been? There are only three suspects;
1. The little girl wearing a ballerina tutu standing outside the daycare
2. The guy mowing the football field
3. The neighbors who own a red car and were aware of the tow truck troubles I had intended for them.
Let's now narrow this down as to who the red car could possibly belong to!
1. The little girl is barely old enough to buy a gumball let alone reach a steering wheel. She's out.
2. The guy mowing the football field had only one goal in mind, to finish mowing the football field.
3. Gee golly! There's a large possibility that my French speaking neighbors that own a red car may have something to do with the car's removal from my property!

I firmly believe that it would benefit everyone if these people packed up their stupid red car and drove away forever!

The neighbors who live behind my house aren't much better but atleast they are tolerable because they don't blast their Puff Daddy music from 9 at night until 5 in the morning. I had to go outside today to get my dog in the house because it was almost pushing 100 today and the creepy neighbor who lives behind me is leaning on the fence watching me. Being a bit uncomfortable I asked if he needed something. He then starts laughing and says
"You're dog is going to have my dogs babies because she ate a cherry from my tree!"
AHHH. I don't even want to comprehend that sentence. But as for getting my dog pregnant there is a big problem there sunny!
1. My dog has been spayed because Bob Barker told me it was the right thing to do in my childhood.
2. There is a fence separating the two dogs so they will never have to interact with one another in such a disturbing way! And when I say there is a fence between them, I don't mean that as a metaphor, there really is a fence separating out yards.

I then took my dog inside and closed my curtains because I was very disturbed by this psycho. Why do my neighbors all have to act like hooligans?

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