Monday, August 5, 2013

Now he’s at the CLOSET Now he's opening the CLOSET (closet closet closet)

Today is the day where I just found out about R.Kelly's hip-hopera Trapped In The Closet. Being the curious person that I am I watched all 33 chapters. I do believe that I am now dead from laughing so much, which when you think about it would not be a bad way to go--dying of laughter. I can't even explain the ludocracy of this but if you have the patience to indulge in this musical genius I shall provide a link;
I think I got hooked in chapter 2 when he pulled out his beretta...

Such low production quality with such a story line! The rhythm is catchy as heck too considering it never changes once throughout any of these chapters! And we get to see 33 chapters of this! I am beyond happy to hear this exciting news. A Broadway production is also in the works (or rumored to be) which I  think will only play out to be a Springtime for Hitler type situation. I wonder how they can leave everything at a cliff hanger on stage?

What I really love about this though is that people actually seem to take this seriously when the creator of it knows that it has no serious power to it what so ever! It is my belief that this entire thing is called Trapped in the Closet because he's literally trapped in a closet (in the beginning of the story) and metaphorically because everyone is hiding things from each other. Knowledge is power!!! =)

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