Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Times!

The last few posts on my blog have not been very happy so I thought that today definitely calls for a feel good happy blog! Today is my last day in my film class which I am truly excited about. I'm going to miss the class but not so much all of the homework in it. Today we have a final exam where we have to watch the beginning of Full Metal Jacket and being the ever so good student that I am I rented the DVD to watch the film. However the DVD stopped half way through the hair cutting scene and would not fast forward so I had to find the movie somewhere on the internet to watch it. Overall I am really surprised by half of the stuff that came out of the Sergeant's mouth, half of the stuff he said would probably be protested about today! Not a movie I would see on my own accord but it was alright. I just don't have the stomach for war movies.

In other good news I have discovered one of the best drinks in the world. It is called Sparkling Ice and it tastes really really good! My grandma gave one to me on the 4th of July and I have been hooked on them ever since! I wasn't a huge fan of the Black Raspberry but I have tried the orange mango (my favorite), coconut pineapple, kiwi strawberry, and pink grapefruit and I really like all of them. I was actually kind of afraid to share this on here because these are actually pretty hard to find, but I felt that anyone who reads this blog is cool enough to know about these. =P

Another neat thing that I have just learned how to do is MLA format. The essay I had to write for my class had to be in MLA format and for some reason I never really got the gist of what it was and always ended up doing my paper my way because nobody ever taught me how to properly format in MLA style and the internet truly does not help when you wish to properly format your papers. I passed two English classes without formating in MLA, please do not ask me how.  My teacher is so awesome and finally after 2 3/4 years of community college I know how to format MLA! BWAHAHAHAHA.It may not seem like much but I feel like I just conquered the world. However if I find out that I did the format wrong in any way, shape, or form I am going to scream and pretend that MLA format is just a myth like the Fountain of Youth or The Holy Grail.

In other happy news I just bought Sirenia's new cd, Perils of The Deep Blue. I have been a Sirenia fan ever since I saw the music video for The Path to Decay. I would not say that this cd is their best but it is quite good compared to The Enigma of Life which I felt was good but didn't live up to The 13th Floor. I've also heard some of their past music and I can honestly say that I like each singer exactly the same. As for my favorite song on the album? I'm not really sure yet considering I got the cd yesterday I'll have to give it a few more listens before I decide what my favorite or favorites are. I'm really liking "The Funeral March" right now though.

Plus look at the album's artwork! Isn't it incredible?

As for other happy things that have been going on in my life, I decided that once my class ends I will be reading the script for my college's fall play and practicing it until I can no longer breath. I was going to audition for the a musical near where I live, Sondheim's Into The Woods but sadly my school schedule did not allow me to audition for that. But I will try my hardest to get into this fall play when it rolls around!

Hope everyone has a great and happy day today!

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