Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Funny Face

I was not able to go to college today. Maybe 'not able to' is not the correct phrasing, I was perfectly capable of going but I didn't. Why?

This is going to sound like the most horrible reason to skip school but my face broke out. BAD. Like red blotchy spots all over my face which looked like an allergic reaction and make me look like a store bought lobster. My skin has never been this bad since middle school, and I agree that this is not an acceptable reason for skipping college but I am not stupid enough to think that people won't judge me because of this. I am not un-self-conscious enough to go out in public like this. Sure I could have put base on it or concealer or some type of cover up on it but that is what brought the reaction on in the first place.

This morning when I got to college (I did manage to get there) I looked in the car mirror to see that my face was a Jersey Shore type of orange from the base I have been using for weeks now. I thought that maybe the lighting outside was just being lame so I went into the college bathroom only to find that yes, I am Snooki's third cousin twice removed. So I take a washcloth out of my backpack (I carry everything in my backpack for reasons like this) and wash my face with water. My face was extremely splotchy but I just thought that it was from the washing I did. No. I started doing girly things like brushing my hair and what not and the redness didn't go away after 10 minutes and managed to look even worse. I put a cold compress on my face a few times and that managed to make it look even redder and more lobster like. I applied cortisone cream and I am starting to think that that was what made my face a new type of horrendous. 

I walked outside to get my phone out the car when some art student gave me the most disgusting look in the world. I managed to give one of my own very special crazy eyed looks back but I knew that this was how the entire day was going to be.Sadly people cannot just accept the way you look and move on, we are always critical of one another. 

My face then began to start itching and I said eff this and went home. I took another shower, took a Benadryl to numb down the pain, and put a cold compress on my face, then took a nap.

Halfway through my nap my theatre teacher calls saying that they need me in class today because they are filming. I was very well aware of this and was planning to give it my all today but they seriously did not need me for the first part of the film and I was even told this by Mr. Pumpkin Patch. I quote "We do not need you." So good luck with that. Theatre teacher then asks if I didn't have a ride to class and I didn't so going back to college was not going to happen for me, not to mention that I was pretty drugged up on Benadryl when I was talking to him. He then says that my grade would probably suffer for this. I have never let anyone down before when it comes to theatre and frankly I hate doing it because it just shows that I am unreliable and that is not something I want people to think about me.  People in the class are probably going to hate me for not showing up but I'm quite used to feeling hated so it's no big deal. I am going to have to write my teacher an email tomorrow on account of me not remembering half of the conversation. =/

As of now my face seems to be getting a little bit better after the cold compresses and bag balm but I am hoping that my face looks acceptable for public when I wake up tomorrow morning to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

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