Wednesday, November 7, 2012


So yesterday was what we American's call 'election day.' Obama won for the 2nd term and I know some people are happy about this some are not. I won't judge you on who you voted for because in the end our country wins because we are blessed to be able to freely elect our nations leaders whereas some countries do not have that option and run under a dictatorship.

What I am going to talk about today is not about who won or who I voted for because frankly I do not care who you voted for and I really do not want my blog to turn into some type of political debating place. Your vote is none of my business. You could have voted for Ralph Nader who's name wasn't even on the ballot this time around and I would not care. What I will be talking about however is what a lot of people keep saying about the voting process and how disrespectful people can be when it comes to who's leading our country.

First and foremost if you are an American citizen and did not vote then you have no right to complain. Unless you are a felon, a minor, a non-citizen, a person who has not registered, or an extraterrestrial you have no excuse as to why you didn't vote.  Whoever your are your vote could determine the future, you never know. I have read a few written articles online with people who comment down at the bottom saying 'I hate both candidates so I ain't voting' well that's fine and dandy, but you are always free to vote for a 3rd party, nobody is forcing you to vote democrat or republican or even president for that matter. You are also free to vote for the proposals. Not voting just means the man has won. 

However, before voting I beg you to please do some research on the candidates first. Saying 'I'm voting for Bama' cuz I like him better than the other guy' is not smart if you have no idea what the other guy's name is or what Obama is promising this country. When I was voting the older guy next to me literally asked one of the people there how he could vote for Romney and Biden. When has the US ever been able to vote for a vice president individually? I've heard of undecided voters but come on, be a little informed. People like that are undeserving of  a well done sticker.

As for being respectful, we all know that Obama won. Some are happy about it, some are not, some are in-between. Going up to other people you do not know at college and going "OBAMA WON" whilst doing a high five hand gesture is not cool and will more than likely make you a few enemies. Be respectful of others voting decisions. 

Another thing that has been irking me,some people kept saying before the votes were tallied that "If ____ wins I'm moving to Canada!" You will still wake up tomorrow if the candidate you despised won.  If you have absolutely no respect for your country left then I would actually prefer if you'd leave. 

That is pretty much all I have to say about the subject. Also, here's a cool little story I thought ya'll might enjoy;

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