Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Taking Chairs and Bank Accounts

Yesterday at college was interesting to say the least. I handed in my Shakespeare paper which I know I completely failed because the directions were hard to understand, or maybe I just didn't read them all. Either way I will be surprised if I even get a C or better.

In the paper we had to say how we would stage/film the assassination of Julius Caesar. Easy enough you would think. But it seems that Mr. teacher guy wanted the entire thing to be set in modern times like the 1996 movie of Romeo+Juliet starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes which honestly I am not a fan of.  I set mine in the correct time period when you know, Shakespeare actually wrote it, but doing so has more than likely caused me to get a horrible grade. 

One girl in the class thought her idea was the best thing in the world next to a cure for cance. The idea included having Cassius as a thug, Casca as a sassy female, and Caesar as a sugar daddy. Bohemian Rhapsody would be playing in the background as all the conspirators surrounded Caesar and shot him in slow motion. Marlon Brando would play Cassius.

 I would have to throw sharp objects at the screen if this movie ever got endorsed. And  FYI Marlon Brando played Mark Antony in the 1953 movie of Julius Caesar, he is no Cassius. He sees fault in our stars. 

But Mr. teacher guy absolutely LOVED the idea and couldn't wait to read the paper. This is not an acceptable idea to love. Shakespeare would be so ashamed. But I guess next time if I want a good grade my paper shall read as follows;

Definitely good writing material right here.

In music class everyone got to practice their individual song with the accompanist in the practice room. None of the students got to pick out their individual song so I am stuck with this;

Drew Carey sings, imagine that. To be fair though I got the soprano version to sing (obviously because I am not a guy and can't sing tenor or barritone.) I swear that this has to be  the most sugary induced sugar sprinkle sugar song in the world. This is why Who's Line is it Anyway made fun of it every chance they got. Disney's My Son Pinocchio which was based off of this film never made it to Broadway. Gee I wonder why!!! I do not understand why people say they have cried listening to this, I am still trying not to die of laughter.

You can take my favorite chair (CHAIR! I wish all chairs could be treated equally and that people didn't show favoritism towards a single one.)
Go on take it, I don't care (I actually would care. I would wonder why you are stealing my freaking chair when there is a purse/tv/ and jewelry box in my house.)
There's no possession I can spare (I kind of like possessing my scalp!!!) 
Since I gave my heart away ( I gave it away... to SATAN. =P)

You could the whole amount(I assume going to a bank and taking another persons money is against the law unless you have a check.) 
Things and riches what are they (They are things and riches.) 
Since I gave my heart away (For some reason this is starting to remind me of the movie Thumbelina.)
Bring it on home now!Till I felt like this (He never really identifies how he feels. I am going to say ecstatic!)
I could not have understood (Nobody understands Geppetto. NOBODY.)
Until you give your heart to someone else (Like Satan)
You might as well be made of wood (HAHAHAHA! Get it. Because his son is literally made out of wood. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! *facepalm.*)
So take my home look here's the key (But it's to my mother in laws house, you can seeeee)
And all the value you might see (You have nothing of value Geppeto. You have a chair and a wooden boy.)
But please don't take my love from me (THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO! Love is a feeling, not a bank account.)
That's a price I can not pay (Because I have no money in my bank account)
Since I gave my heart away (LAAAAAAAAAAAAA)

There's a few more lyrics but I do not have to sing them, thank God. In all honesty I really do think I can pull this song off despite the "what the hell" lyrics. I really REALLY wanted to sing On My Own from Les Miserables (popular song, I know) because that is in our booklet meaning it is a choice. If I learn this sugar song by tomorrow I may have a chance to sing it. Fingers and toes crossed! 

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