Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pinterest is Stupid

I am serious.
This is just my opinion though, feel free to disagree. But why oh why is everyone so obsessed with Pinterest? Honestly I find it to be a less cooler version of Tumblr. I am sure that there are some interesting things on there- the recipes section I heard was good- but the rest from what I can tell is just stupid.

First, you need an invite to join this website. Why? Are people not capable of joining a website now without having their friends tag along?  Is that what this world has come to? Also if you do not have a Facebook or Twitter then you are out of the Pinterest club- meaning joining this website will not happen. Stupid.

Another thing, why is it called pinning? All that people do is copy&paste something from another website, that does not deserve it's own word.True, some images are taken by a persons own camera, but what sucks about that is it gives reasons for people to steal said persons idea and claim it as their own instead of being creative. The person who took the picture probably did not come up with the flower in the jar idea, that was their deceased grandmothers thing.

Putting flowers in a small jar to make them look more beautiful and assorted and to make the table look classy!!!!!!!

NO. Your table may look classy but the person sitting at it is a lying uncreative thief and I hope your grandmother haunts you for stealing the one thing people have to remember her by!

If you are actually looking for a recipe or see a nifty dress the only thing this website does is give you a link to said recipe/dress original website and half of the time the link is for tumblr which doesn't help anyone nor does it give you the information you need to make your caramel cookie cake or buy your Gucci dress. Instead you are given something like the photo and underneath it will say "YUM!" or "Gotta have!" This helps nobody. NOT ONE PERSON DOES THIS HELP.

Then of course we have the titles for these list of pictures. None of them seem to change no matter what pinner you are looking at. Let me give you a few of them;

DIY!- When are you going to have time to make a pink Cinderella pumpkin carriage as a bed, engraved with horses and glass slippers, completely made out of pumpkin for your child? As neat as the idea is, it is probably not going to happen.

Ideas for the Home!- Wow you can buy a shoe rack for your shoes! Color me impressed.

Gift Ideas!- "Christmas is coming up, alright! Let's see here I'm going to buy these spatula's  for my cousin!" Cousin searches your name on google, sees your page, the element of surprise is ruined.

Too Cute!- Yes, lions are indeed cute. Until they chase the antelope down and eat them.

Bucket List!- Get married and eat Nutella! How original! Oh wait, 100,000,000 other people have the same ideas on their list! I really feel like my bucket list is not normal compared to some of these.

My Style!- Probably my favorite title on here. If I know you I know what your style is. As for others, I do not care. You can walk around in a sheet and call it your style, it will not phase me one bit. And a lot of people lie with this too- hardly anyone in Michigan knows what Jimmy Choo is, let alone can afford a pair if they are under 18.


^ These are not words. End of story.

I am just not seeing what the big deal about this website is. Maybe I am missing something but at the moment I shall stand by my opinion of Pinterest and call it stupid.

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  1. Pinterest is a virtual version of a refrigerator door with all manner of crap stuck on it. That's a character problem. WHY would anyone want to create a virtual version of that? But don't mention that to the sheep. Most of whom are hoarders. Another sign of a sick society.


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