Thursday, November 22, 2012


I hope everyone had a happy Turkey day this year!!! Overall my day has been pretty decent so far which is surprising when it comes to family gathering time.

I got up around 9 to watch this lovely thing;

Overall I was not hugely impressed with the parade this year but because they decided to have it after Sandy hit I give everyone huge props and would like to thank them for their time and effort to make the parade possible.

I actually thought Cinderella looked like an interesting performance that I would love to see on Broadway and I really hope that it does well. Laura Osnes is a great performer and I've liked her ever since hearing the recording of the musical Pride&Prejudice.  

But the Power Rangers can never live up to their 2011 Macy's Parade performance. NEVER. The singers lip sang like they do every year but that is understandable considering cold temperatures are not good for the voice. Flo Rida's performance was cringe worthy though. Smiling does not equal a very good lip syncing performance Mr. Rida!

But I am thankful that they had the parade, it is kind of a tradition. I'm hoping it lifted some spirits up in New York. By the way, the idiot girl in my Shakespeare class told me that she has never even heard of the Macy's Parade. Obviously she's lying to get attention. How is it possible to never even hear of the parade?

The Thanksgiving at my grandma's this year was pretty good, but maybe that's just because it wasn't only the immediate family and we had some sane people around us. One of my aunts brought her basset hound over and I completely fell in love with it. They have the most adorable little eyes!!!!

 My grandmother was drunk and was still drinking as soon as everyone arrived. I felt embarrassed for her. My cousin kept telling everyone how much of a fan she was of Marilyn Monroe despite the fact that I knew who she was first and she never even heard of Marilyn until I told her how cool she was. My cousin then started getting snippy with me because she had to go into work for Black Friday. How does this affect me again? That's right, it does not! About a second after this and she hit me for who knows why and Mr.basset hound started biting her. Other than the adorable factor this is why we love basset hounds.

At dinner the turkey was a bit dry but as soon as you put gravy on it you couldn't tell. I ate way too much and can now I can never eat or bake again as long as I live. Oh and my grandmother gave me some red wine. I took a sip and  spit it out. How can people drink that stuff? It's like poison in a bottle!

Hope everyone else had a splendariffic Thanksgiving. Whoever will be out at 8 tonight for Black Friday, good luck!

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