Monday, November 12, 2012

Enter The Asylum

I have to say that I absolutely loved American Horror Story when it aired in October 2011. Now I am completely hooked on the second season, American Horror Story Asylum. I have to give a ton of credit to the writers for thinking up a lot of the twisted stuff we have been getting. The actors have been outstanding this season and have shown that their characters are human. I like watching this series because literally, anything could happen next. Basically this show has everything you could imagine when it comes to the horror genre; demons, crazy nuns, aliens, mutants, corporal punishment, an insane doctor, etc.

The only problem I have had with the show so far is this tiny little bit of historical inaccuracy; BriarCliff would not have existed in the 1960's although that is the date this entire show is set in. In the 1950's most asylums were replaced with psychiatric wards in hospitals. JFK even established NIMH (the National Institute for Mental Health) where shock therapy was replaced with drugs.

^This is my new ringtone.

Back story to the person who sang this song;

The Soeur Sourire (or The Singing Nun, aka the person who sings this song) was a Dominican nun who became famous for this song and this song alone.She abandoned the convent to life and met her female companion,whom she got to know through operating a school for autistic children. They both committed suicide in 1985.

As for other television series that I am enjoying lately; Person of Interest season 2 and Criminal Minds season 8. These are my two favorite television shows of all time that are still airing. If you have not seen any of these three then I can not recommend them enough.

For Asylum you do not need to see the first season, the second season is completely different with a new story line and new characters. 

My question to anyone who is reading this; what is your favorite television series of all time? Not including cartoons or anime because I know a lot of you out there (like me) could list a million of your favorites when it comes to those two categories.  

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