Sunday, November 18, 2012

Reasons I Am Going On A Witch Hunt Thanks To Facebook

So we get to keep our internet. YAAAAYY!!!  Once you think something will be gone forever you seem to appreciate things a bit more, at least that is what I learned out of this. I really have no idea if I was supposed to learn a lesson or not but I did.  

Anyways, FACEBOOK.

Copying others in real life is not cool, I hope people understand this by now. You want to know what else is not cool? Stealing someones status on Facebook and then getting 15+ likes on it when the original poster gets ZERO. Copying and stealing in general is just not cool.  Imitation and copying and pasting is pretty much the same thing as plagiarism and last time I checked, that can get you kicked out of college. Or your job depending on what you do for a living.

When I signed into my Facebook today TWO count them, TWO people copied and pasted my status. My statuses are 100% me, no quotes or love stories or anything like that. Just ME the person who thinks before writing her status because posts like "MY BF BROKE UP WITH ME TONIIIGHT. COLD N CUDDLE R NO MORE" irritate me. Nobody really cares how lonely you are and if I was to write something like that I would give every single person permission to throw my body in the lake to see if I sink or swim. These two people got about 7 likes apiece for the status they stole. When I asked one about it she claimed that "this is the internet and if you don't want people quoting your work don't put it out there for the world to see." The thing is she didn't "quote" it. She blatantly STOLE it and didn't give me credit. I dislike thieves unless it's a Les Miserable type of case but I'm too kind to delete her. She does something like this again me and her will be having a long talk at college. I don't care if she does go on Tuesdays and Thursdays I will find her. I understand what she is trying to say because yes, the internet steals a lot of stuff from other people, but to imply that the original work is your own when it isn't just makes me mad, especially when it's stolen from someone you thought was your friend. 

Another thing about Facebook stealing; why do some people 'like' bands and things that they have never heard of before? Especially if it's a minute after you liked it. Fever Ray. Perfect example. One friends profile said our common interests were some of the same books and bands and what not, pretty common thing when you like things like Harry Potter and The Rolling Stones. Oh but he also claimed to have liked Fever Ray and I found that interesting so I asked him about it and this is how it all went down after we were talking about something related to theatre class and what types of music we could use for our little film if we had the copyright laws and what not;
Me: Fever Ray!
Him: Who?
Me: I was looking at the types of music we could agree on and it says you like Fever Ray.
Him: I have no idea who that is.
Me: Well you list her as one of your music likes.
Him: Oh yeah. Saw them on my friends Facebook. Thought the girl looked creepy. Never listened to them.

Okay first of all you didn't see them on your friends Facebook  but if you did then props to your friend for having good taste in music. Secondly it's not 'them' Fever Ray is the alias of Karin Dreijer Andersson who just happens to be a single person. Thirdly observing that someone looks cool or creepy does not constitute them to be a like, especially when you got people like me out there who listen to so many varieties of music and what not and then want to talk about them with someone who says they like the same not very popular or well  known artist. In my eyes it's a lie to like something when you have never heard of them. You will be found out eventually. 

Basically all I am asking is for people on Facebook to stop pretending that I don't notice when they do things like this. I notice everything.

Now I'm not saying that copying in some cases is not good, I'm an actor. I don't necessarily copy others but I observe and learn from them. To me that is a lot different than being a carbon copy of the original. Many people at the college I got to are aspiring artists as well and I can understand why they would get so mad if someone stole their idea for an art piece and then claimed it as their own for profit. That is just wrong. Be original and authentic, don't copy someone else, you won't get away with it. 

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