Thursday, November 8, 2012

Music Make You Lose Control

On Monday of next week I am going to have to sing in front of my music class ALONE. Now I am ok with singing in front of people, I don't think that I have the voice of an American Idol reject but it is not something that I am thoroughly comfortable with as of yet, even if half of the people in my class do sound like Rak&Tak;

 I had a singing part in my college's fall musical and this video actually made me get through the audition without having a complete anxiety attack. I thought if these people can do it so can I! So thank you Rak&Tak. However the part I got did not require me to sing on pitch what so ever and I would like to eventually be able to go on stage a sing things like a fairy and not like a crazy 90 year old woman.  

As for my music class, the other people in the class have to take notes judging you on your performance. I do not like that what so ever. This is not American Idol, I would like to think that we are in this class to learn how to become a better singer and not be judged on if you sound spectacular or not. Students should not have the power to judge others in a classroom environment when the teacher is the one with the doctorate degree. So this will probably be giving me a nervous breakdown all week. Like I said, I think that I am an alright singer, but I am willing to admit that I do need improvement. Whenever I get in front of people to sing like this my voice never usually sounds the way I want it to unless I practice 100 million times and then some,  and even then sometimes my voice is different. It also does not help that we have all be singing together choir style and the two ladies next to me are always singing like they are in a freaking opera, meaning I am unable to hear myself and my voice tries to fit what they are doing, which is a problem. 

Overall I just do not think I am meant for a musical classroom setting. 

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