Wednesday, November 14, 2012

College Today

Today started off on a bad note but I am hoping that it will end alright. When I finished getting ready for school this morning I checked my emails to make sure none of my classes were cancelled like I usually do and there sits an email from my Shakespeare teacher claiming that "He wants our papers today instead of next Monday." Oh, okay that's cool. Only one problem, I haven't even started mine yet. So in the car in the parking lot I am writing like a mad woman and quoting some stuff from this little book then I bolt over to the library so I could type my paper before 10:00. I got finished at around 9:15. I am curious as to what my grade could possibly be on this. I thought it looked well put together and thought out but maybe there isn't as much detail in it as Mr. Teacher Guy would like. I guess we'll see.

When I was sitting outside the classroom today some mentally off dude starts telling me his life story. I did not know him nor do I care to ever communicate with him again. He wanted to challenge me at math because he just took a math test- I do not like math. He then proceeds to tell me about how he works for life care and how everyone loves him despite the fact that he has to go to court practically every week because his patients did not approve of something he did. He ended up walking away to go talk to "Tiffany" and all that I can say is God Bless You for showing up Tiffany.

In my music class today we had a quiz. I thought it was quite hard. Halfway through the quiz our professor hands some other kid and myself a "I caught you doing a good deed" ticket. I have no idea what I did other than write down my answers for the quiz but if I get 2 more of those tickets I will be getting a free soda pop. Hooray for doing good deeds that you know nothing about!!!

At around 1 today I thought that I would go check out what some lady next to the college was selling at her garage sale. She had a ton of books out, one lady irritated me immensely by asking if she was selling 50 Shades of Grey. FYI I also learned today that my mother wishes to read this book. She knows exactly what it's about. Please kill me now. However I ended up buying this large book which had the complete Narnia collection in it for only a dollar. Good deal if you ask me. After I ate I had to head back to the college to go to my theatre class and go direct our movie!!!!!! You would think that would be fun right? You thought wrong.

I am no longer a director. Mr. Pumpkin Patch is. We went into the theatre today and started talking about costumes for the movie which is one of my favorite things about acting in general. So we go look for our costumes downstairs and afterwards we went back up to discuss some of the ideas for the movie when this conversation takes place;
Our Teacher: "So Mr. Pumpkin Patch you're basically running things"
Him: "Yeah I am the director after all"
Me: "I'm directing too."
Him: "Yeah I decided that we only need one director for this movie." 
Me: "Well if that's the case then it's going to be me."
He then proceeds into telling me that I have no leadership skills what so ever and that I am not needed whilst my teacher just sits there and says nothing. After this Mr. Pumpkin Patch says;
"Alright on Friday me and >insert kids name here< are going to meet outside of the building to work on what kinds of shots we can get."
Me: "Why? And what can I do?"
*He ignores me*
"WHAT CAN I DO?!?!?"
Him: You can meet with us on Friday but you will be doing nothing. 

Are you freaking kidding me? Getting real tired of your shit Mr. Pumpkin Patch. It's just really sad when I come to think of it. Can't my teacher or Mr. Pumpkin Patch just let me have one thing? One moment to shine? Just one. It could be one of the worst things in the history of film making but I would be proud to put my name on it as a director but apparently that is not going to happen. It was stupid of me to think that it would, nothing in life ever works out the way anyone intends it to.

But whatever, Criminal Minds and American Horror Story Asylum tonight. I bet my pinky finger that Thredson turns out to be one Bloodyface in the end.



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