Saturday, December 1, 2012

If You Haven't Seen These Yet (Les Miserables Clips)

Then here you go!

Not a huge fan of the rhythm and lyrical changes. FOLLOW TO THE LETTER YOUR ITINERY! However I think Crowe will do an alright job, he has the characters personality down at least

Jackman is getting a nominee, not doubts in my mind. 24601!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Give her the Oscar. Right now. Anne is going to do spectacular in this!

As always Barks outshines everyone in my opinion. Best supporting actress nominee. 

These two were meant for their roles. I take back every single thing that I said about not wanting Amanda Seyfried to be cast. Her and Redmayne are going to be spectacular. Eddie IS Marius, and he seems like he will do a great job. However I have always disliked Marius's character so it's hard for me to enjoy any portrayal of him no matter how good.  Now I'm not saying he should have died at the barricade, I'm just saying that his life choices are not something I can agree with.

Amanda is also going to get a best supporting actress nominee which is going to make the fans take sides over who they like better; Eponine or Cosette. Well let me just say that we wouldn't have a story without either of them and both actresses seem to get along just fine so debating over who's better is worthless. Personally I like them both.

So who else is super excited to see this film besides myself?

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