Monday, December 3, 2012

Why Does College Hate Me?

I am very curious. I was going to sign up for my 4 credit class today and behold! I cannot take one! Next semester French is a continuation of the first French class that is going on during this semester, ditto with Spanish which I had no desire to take anyway.

The only classes available are beginning algebra which I have to take 3 other math classes to get into (that will NOT happen) and a few forms of science taught by one of the most asinine men I have ever met in my entire life. This guy literally takes pleasure in failing kids. Everyone who I've talked to had the same problem with him and had to withdraw. I swear that the only reason the college keeps him is for money purposes considering he is pretty much the only teacher who teaches a 4 credit class and 95% of his students fail so they have to retake him. It's quite clever when you think about it.

Now what I do not understand about these 4 credit classes is why on earth do they all have to do with math or chemistry or a foreign language? I think that it is very possible to offer a 4 credit class in drama or English, sure it would be a lot of work but that is exactly why these classes are worth 4 credits.  And why is it so complicated to get into these classes and why do they only offer 20 or so kids per class? I guess I am just not fully understanding. I have to take ONE 4 credit class and pass to get my degree and graduate but now because of these BS options I am going to have to take a semester off and get a part time job so I don't get thrown out of my house. Getting real tired of your stupidity community college!!!

Edit: Tonight I found out that some person dropped out of accounting. Hooray! I signed up for  that spot so quickly. The class is once a week but is 4 hours long. 0_0 I am praying that the teacher is cool and can explain things in a simple fashion and realizes that not everyone wishes to go into accounting. I can also only hope that I am not stuck in a class with a bunch of people who will look down on me for not being as smart as them at this subject. I guess I will just have to wait and see. Spring Semester 2013!!! 

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