Wednesday, December 19, 2012


This post is just going to be me ranting about my major in college. Feel free to avoid if you'd like. =)

First and foremost I don't want to sound like an immature jerk in this post, totally not my intentions. However this is something that has really been hurting me personally for a few months now and I feel that I have every single right to acknowledge and write about what is going on at my college when it comes to me being a theatre major and how I do not find these things okay.

1. Being cut from 90% of my classes' student film- I cannot even begin to express how upset I am about this.   I freaking worked my butt off and you cut me. True, I realize a lot of actors get cut in Hollywood and I need to learn to deal with this but this is a community college. Nobody is a true 'professional' yet. Stop acting like a big shot and cutting people out of the damn film just so you can look better. I could understand if I was out of character or my presence wasn't needed but I am just really hurt that my class would cut me without giving me a reason as to why it was necessary. I really did not think I did a horrendous job.

Not to mention Mr.Pumpkin Patch keeps gloating about how HE was the director when he did not direct us what so ever and (sorry to say) sucked at his job. I personally had to take over (along with the editor) to make sure our  film got completed on time. But of course whenever our teacher was watching the class film our movie Mr. Pumpkin Patch tried to look all important on his ipad and try to tell us what to do when alls he did any other time was just sit there and take credit for ideas that weren't even his.

2. Having my head cut off- No, not Sleepy Hollow style. But on my colleges' website at the top of the page is a picture of a  theatre production I was in earlier this year. Every single person is on stage except the 5 foot nothing me because my head is cut off in the picture. I have had a few people ask me if I have ever been in any productions at college (yes...) and when I list that show a few people told me that I was lying because I wasn't in the picture on the website. 0_O. Yes because it is so much fun to lie about productions you were not in! *head desk.*

3. Understudies get no credit- True statement, but I am not going to dwell on this one.

4. Not necessarily college but that lovely theatre where I got cut from Sweeney Todd- They are holding auditions for the awesome rock musical, Next to Normal. Let us take bets. Who says the girl who played Mrs. Lovett will be getting the role of Natalie or Diana? Actually, let us not take bets, she already has the role even if she hasn't auditioned yet. WHAT FAIRNESS this will be to the other 41 ladies auditioning. I really just want to go to the theatre and hand out cupcakes to the girls who will be cut no matter how wonderful they are. ='(

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