Friday, December 14, 2012

Theatre Presentation Day

Tonight was the first showing of my class's movie. Well, not just that considering every theatre class presented something to show off their work this semester. However, I have to say that I found our film the best, even if I was only in it for 5 seconds because Mr.Pumpkin Patch and the editor cut me out of 90% of the scenes. (Another post regarding this will be made.)

Our class's horror movie trailer was shown to start the night off which everyone really seemed to like, and then the class had to go onstage to present our film. A lot of people were cheering for me when my name was said as I walked onstage so that was pretty cool. Our teacher (aka the college's theatre director) then told Mr.Pumpkin Patch to give the audience a brief overview about what the film was about and the idea behind it.  He just couldn't help himself, he had to explain to everyone what an important role he played by being the 'director' of this film. 0_o I still do not understand how he directed anyone, yet he got all the credit.  I swear it took him at least 10 minutes to talk to the audience. Please just sit down and stop talking, I don't want to stand here for another half hour while you explain the movies non-existent emotional concept! Let the movie speak for itself! It's supposed to be a comedy!!!

Finally he stopped speaking and our movie was shown where I found out that I was cut and Mr. Pumpkin Patch had a few more scenes added in. I have to let it go though, I am not responsible for this and I need to learn and accept that.

The acting classes at the college (which I have already taken) did plenty of Christmas skits, some directly from movies such as Charlie Brown and Groundhog Day. The actors on stage then recited the monologues they memorized. Word to future actors; swearing profusely does not make the scene more dramatic. Dying, death, suicidal thoughts, and jail time are also  not the only dramatic topics in the world. Afterwards I made a promise to myself that if a monologue was ever needed I am going down the classical route or comedy route and will hopefully never have to settle for a dramatic reading about my fake mothers death and how it torments my inner soul.

After the acting class was through the theatre club at my college presented some short skits onstage, and I felt a little better considering the club (which I mentioned before how I wasn't allowed to join because I was just an 'understudy') had only two girls in it. TWO GIRLS out of TWENTY SIX people. I may be wrong about this, but something tells me that the club's president is quite sexist when it comes to letting females join which is really a shame and something that should not be happening in this day and age. The skits were somewhat funny and a bit memorable but nothing that I would ever pay money to see again. 

The boss of the theatre department at the college sat infront of me and my mom and before the show began. She is one of the nicest ladies I have ever met in my life and I just feel really grateful that I have gotten to know her. We were talking about theatre along with being cut and the roles we would love in Les Mis and she strongly urged me to audition for the fall musical considering she can see me as a few characters in the production. (It's The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) Of course I was already planning to audition but I found it really nice of her to say that to me along with how she enjoys seeing me on stage. Warms my little heart when people say nice things like that to others. 

After the show I started speaking to basically everyone from the other acting classes and told them that they did great (which they really did with the exception of 1 or 2 people) and some of them even thanked me for coming to see the show. That kind of hurt a little considering I was IN the show, sadly just not in any of the stage aspects of it, but okay. But in the end it was a new thing going on at the college and I bet next year's will be even better. 

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